Burlington NC in home care services

19 Jun 2021

Less commuting time, a pleasing atmosphere, and a low cost of living are just some beautiful features of Burlington, North Carolina. But does it have something to offer for families, especially your seniors? Gladly, there are available Burlington NC in-home services like what Living Well Family Care can offer.

Quality in-home care services in City

The good thing about living in a city such as Burlington is the access to services with multi-beneficial effects. Moreover, the companies here uphold the standards and strive to offer quality. Living Well Family Care is proud to embody these traits with our management system, client-focused value, and dependable care providers.

Living Well Family Care is a young but reputable home care agency. It has another branch in Greensboro, as well as in Dillion, South Carolina. We specialize in senior care, respite, and nursing assistance, which is helpful for those in need of caregiving needs. We cover varying home care support types for elders, persons with disabilities, injured patients, and more. Moreover, the agency’s home care services can be helpful too for their family caregiver. How? 

Our different care providers consist of in-home aides (IHAs) and certified nursing assistants (CNAs). They are well-assessed and trained well to ensure the clients in Burlington receive quality assistance. On top of that, Living Well Family Care supported its care providers with consistent monitoring and guidance. 

Our Burlington NC in-home care services can be for the long term, short term, or supplemental. In essence, we are flexible depending on how clients need it in terms of time. Our respite care is for family carers who want to take a break or supplement support when they need it. 

Our home care aides can provide personal care for seniors like bathing, bed or tub transfers, and mobility. They also give support in safe ambulation, vital sign monitoring, and more. They aim to make them feel relaxed and enjoy a quality life under their care. 

In daily living, our helpful services offer beyond convenience. Our IHAs can do meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping, errands, and more. With these, they do not only ensure the care recipients are okay but also their surroundings.

Advantages of home care services

In-home care services may focus on one’s care and daily living. However, these are also valuable to reap advantages that may be unnoticeable immediately. 

Boost healthy living of the family. Every member has needs and wants like kids study and play. Parents need to work and manage the home. Elders, on the other hand, need to stay active and healthy. If one of them becomes weak, it is not only the carer that carries the burden. The whole family is also affected.

With the help of IHA, there is support so everyone can still do the usual activities and be with their loved ones as always. 

Get quality time. Busy professionals need extra time to rest. It is the same for the parents doing endeavors in a day for their family. In-home aid can help to lessen the load that paves the way to enjoy time for relaxation. For example, an in-home aide can do light housekeeping, shopping errands, meal preparation, and laundry. All these services are helpful to free someone from tiring tasks. Moreover, these are beneficial to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene in a care recipient’s home.