How Much Does Senior Day Care Cost?

28 Jun 2021

In North Carolina, 17% of the population are senior adults aged 65 years and older. The Triad region has no shortage of activities to keep seniors happy, but are there enough senior care providers in the area? Specifically, care that is provided in a safe place where seniors can be comfortable.

There are indeed senior daycare services throughout the North Carolina Triad region. While it is true that you may want to care for the people who took care of you when you were young, certain circumstances make it almost impossible to do. Caregiving is not an easy responsibility, especially if your senior adult needs specialized care – something you are not qualified to give.

Senior daycare can be a valuable solution for both seniors and caregivers. Research shows that employing these services helps older adults thrive both physically and mentally. Older adults who have organized days packed with exercises and time with friends manage to have better results over time, even when handling conditions such as dementia. It can likewise lessen the physical and psychological toll of caregiving to avoid caregiver burnout.

What is senior day care?

Senior daycare facilities provide older adults a secure space to stay. Daycare facilities are usually open during the day during regular business hours. Activities here are a bit more structured, unlike in senior centers where the focus is on socializing. They are designed for seniors with physical impairments or memory loss and serve a variety of services based on need. Older adults are encouraged to mingle, but they will also get other benefits such as medication monitoring, meals, and health-related services.


Here are the most common services offered by senior daycare centers.

  • Exercise
  • Medical care
  • Counseling
  • Health screening
  • Recreation
  • Supervision
  • Physical therapy
  • Medical management

The average cost of senior daycare

A senior typically spends 4 to 12 hours in an adult day care setting per day and up to 5 days a week so that the costs will differ. However, this option is about 50% less than the national average for in-home care or assisted living.

The average daily cost for adult daycare is $70, while monthly, it is about $2,100. Yearly, it can cost about $25,200. 

In North Carolina, the average monthly cost is $1,105 for senior daycare. 

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