How Much Is In-Home Child Care?

21 May 2021

In a recent study, six out of ten families are wary of sending their children to a daycare center, especially because they fear that coronavirus still lurks in the air.

Some, however, are also just as worried about the cost of child care both in a daycare set up or in-home care. 

American families usually struggle to find affordable in-home child care even way before the pandemic started. But, it is something they cannot avoid. As more and more parents become busy with their careers, looking after their child becomes more impossible.

This article will tackle the cost of in-home care so that you will have an idea if it is the type of care for you.

Cost of child care in the U.S.

Child care is becoming more expensive in the country, according to the Cost of Care survey. 

In the survey, seven out of ten parents say 10% of their income goes to child care. More than 50% of parents, meanwhile, spend more than $10,000 annually on child care. For comparison, college education costs $9,410 a year on average.

Location is crucial when it comes to costs. Parents in cities like New York or Los Angeles may present higher costs than the state averages mentioned above.

In North Carolina, a child care center costs an average of $9,254 per year or $771 per month. Admittedly, low-income families will find it hard to pay. 

How to reduce the cost of in-home child care

The high cost of child care is indeed a problem because it certainly puts quality child care out of the reach of ordinary families. 

Here are some of the ways you can reduce the cost of child care.

  • Conduct your own research. After you have determined how much you can set aside for child care, you can research the average cost in your area. 
  • There are tax credits and tax breaks you can take advantage of.
  • Consider child care programs and subsidies for which you may qualify.

Why is in-home child care expensive?

There are several advantages to obtaining in-home child care for your children. These benefits make child care a bit pricey.

  • Your child stays within the safety and comfort of your home.
  • Your child is in familiar surroundings.
  • There is no need to wake up early to send your child to a daycare facility, then pick them up later.
  • There is a close teacher-student bond because the teacher spends the day only with your child.
  • You get a more flexible caregiver who is sensitive to your needs.
  • More affordable rates.
  • Your child is exposed less to other children; hence there are fewer chances of becoming sick.
  • You win a friend, as the caregiver is often treated like family.

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