Nurse In-Home Care Services in Burlington NC

30 Jun 2021

It is no secret that most senior adults prefer to stay at home as long as possible, even if they need assistance in their daily activities. They want to spend their golden years in familiar surroundings and a neighborhood that they already know well, rather than being taken to nursing homes where they are forced to mix with people they do not know.

So, how can you convince your loved ones that they need care and assistance from professional caregivers without leaving the comforts of their home?

One excellent option is to hire in-home nurses to provide care for your senior adults right at home. That way, there would be none of the inconvenience of staying the whole time in a nursing home.

In-home nursing services are now very much in demand because of the rising hospitalization charges, availability of quality health care services, and the demand of the elderly who choose to stay in familiar surroundings to nursing homes and hospitals.

What is a home nursing care service?

In-home nursing services cover a broad range of healthcare functions that can be readily performed at your home. Home care nursing services are generally more affordable than nursing homes and hospitals while being just as effective as the services offered in the said facilities. These services are administered by registered nurses, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists, among others. As such, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in the right hands.

It provides personalized nursing care at home as offered in a typical nursing care or a hospital while being more compassionate towards the client and gets assimilated into the patient’s household. Nurses develop an emotional bond with the client due to the one-on-one setting.

Benefits of in-home nursing care

There are plenty of benefits to getting on-home care for your senior adult other than the convenience it provides. 

Here are some other benefits of in-home nursing care.

  • Supports the patient in diet and nutrition while you are away. 
  • You get skilled nurses to help you in your home.
  • It helps manage chronic illnesses to prevent unnecessary hospitalization.
  • Care is focused on your loved one alone.
  • It provides medication management.
  • It helps in providing rehabilitation care at home after a hospital stays for injury or illness.
  • Results in better health outcomes.

Cost of in-home nursing care services

The cost of home care nursing services differs depending on the criticality of the illness and the duration of the service sought. Still, the cost of the home care nursing services is cheaper by 20% to 50% as compared to hospitalization.

In-home nursing care in Burlington, North Carolina

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