Taking Care Of The Elderly in Burlington, NC

26 Jun 2021

Residents of Burlington, North Carolina, always make it a point to take care of their elderly. Part of their culture has always been to show compassion to their loved ones who can no longer care for themselves. Just as their parents cared for them when they were young, Burlington residents know that it is their turn to provide for them as their parents enter their golden years.

However, despite their best efforts, caring for their parents can be very difficult at times, schedule-wise. After all, they still need to go to work to provide for their own families. Add to the fact that their kids also need to be cared for. What then can they do?

One option is to get in-home care services for their older adults.

Why in-home care services?

Senior adults have an increasing need for assistance as they go through their daily activities. However, most of them also do not want to lose their independence. Often, they get frustrated when people try to control their every move. For that reason, they do not wish to be taken from their homes and into nursing care facilities. They want to stay in a familiar place with familiar people, something that care facilities would not be able to provide them.

That is why in-home care services are very important; senior adults get the care they need without leaving home. It also provides a more individualized care plan instead of a group care plan in other settings. 

Why choose Living Well Home Care Agency

Living Well Home Care Agency offers homecare you can trust.

We have experienced certified professionals to help you today. You may choose from our different kinds of home care services, depending on your needs. 

1. Personal care

Personal care services include bathing, grooming, dressing, hygiene, mobility, bed and tub transfers, toileting and incontinence, feeding and a special diet, safe ambulation, vital signs monitoring, and prescribed exercise assistance.

2. Daily living

Daily living services include meal preparation, errands, laundry, light housekeeping, shopping services, appointment scheduling, shopping services, incidental transportation services, and medication reminders. 

3. Respite care

Respite care includes companionship, emotional support, mental exercises and stimulation, telephone reassurance, planned and emergency respite care or relief for the family, and 24-hour care.

4. Nursing services

Nursing services include diabetes care, traumatic brain injury care, wound care, tube feeding, catastrophic injury care, tracheostomy care, pulmonary injury care, spinal cord injury care, medication and insulin administration, seizure disorder care, and more. 

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