Advantages of Hiring Private In-Home Services

6 May 2022

Today, we see more facilities and companies offering superb services related to caregiving. With that, people also have more freedom to consider their preferences or needs in this aspect. It is also why hiring private in-home services is an excellent option for seniors, injured patients, people with disabilities, and more.

To give you more details, here are some of the advantages of hiring private in-home care services: 

Cost-effective compared to other options

Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, or in-home care offer various benefits. But when it comes to cost, the latter is more affordable. According to Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey in 2020, the average cost of home care in the US is approximately $149 per day or $4,481 per month. It is far less than the median nursing home cost, around $8,821 for a private room or $7,756 for a semi-private room per month.

Less hassle in receiving care

Having an in-home caregiver keeps you away from many possible hassles. First, you don’t need to undergo the arduous hiring process and employment management. The agency handles those parts and ensures an available caregiver whenever you need one.

Secondly, you or your care recipient can skip traveling to facilities. It saves time and money and offers relief for patients who feel discomfort when going on trips. 

Assist family carers in having free time to do other things

Family carers or immediate caregivers also need some time off. It is good they unwind and have space for the different aspects of their life. And with an in-home care agency, they have peace of mind that there are assistants to depend on.

Moreover, getting respite care or reliever for family carers is flexible. The client can get support scheduled or urgent for a few hours in a day or round-the-clock.

Have skilled care providers who offer individualized services

One edge of in-home care is the capacity to receive one-to-one support. In other words, recipients get good caregiving attention. It also means immediate answers to the needs and possible problems in caregiving. Moreover, one-to-one type assistance is the step to avoid accidental falls, acquiring infection disease, and other issues. 

In-home caregivers help enjoy a sense of independence or quality of life

Staying in a facility is like living away from a person’s true self. Home is not only where valuables are kept, or family members reside. It is also where an individual heart and priceless treasures in life are. No wonder more and more clients prefer in-home care. It is a way for them to get assistance to carry out activities of daily living, personal care, and other essential tasks without leaving their homes

In-home care is also helpful so a care recipient can stay with a family, continue to do healthy, leisures, and decide many things. Patients also will have a sense of privacy. 

Overall, hiring private in-home care services deliver reliable, flexible, and convenient support. And if you want to know more about this, let Living Well Family Care help you. You can call or message us for any of your inquiries.