Caregiver In-Home Care Services: Let Us Help Your Loved Ones

28 Sep 2021

Giving care to your loved ones can be offered in different ways. Maybe it is something you do yourself or service from a care provider. For example, home care agencies like Living Well Family can offer caregiving support to your loved one for a few hours or 24/7.  

The in-home services of caregivers vary. You may wonder which ones are the more valuable or level type that your care recipient needs. Here are some guides to ponder: 

Assess the health condition of your loved one. Does your care recipient is an elder who cannot move from one place to another? Is it all about recovering from a sustained accident injury? Does your loved one have Alzheimer’s disease or diabetes? Is it about companionship that helps in medication and comfort when alone at home? Indeed, there are more questions to ask and details to note in caregiving. Understanding well the needs of your loved one helps you decide wisely on the particulars of home care services to employ. 

Generally, Living Well Family Care offers support in personal care, activities of daily living, respite care, and nursing services. We can help you assess which in this or even customize the service that matches your loved one. 

Decide on caregiving time or schedule. If you are the family carer, perhaps you only need a reliever when you go out of town for a week. Or regularly every day while you are on your part-time job. 

Whether you are looking for a few hours or an entire day of service and for scheduled or emergency reliever only, the respite care services of Living Well Family Care can help you. Our caregivers offer aid and companionship in ADLs, home management, and even errand services. 

Know the qualifications of your caregiver. Another benefit of careful assessment in the caregiving needs is it also points out the fitting right caregiver to hire. 

Today, there are ways to find care providers online or offline. However, getting the qualified one to serve your care recipient should be your priority. Trustworthy, caring, hardworking, and competent are the ideal traits to look for in a caregiver. 

If you are in North or South Carolina, Living Well Family Care can help you cut the process of finding reliable caregivers. We can provide you, skilled aides for your home care needs. We also have certified nurse assistants who offer home nursing services for some particular injuries or diseases. 

All of our employed caregivers underwent a thorough evaluation and obtained certifications. Thus, they are qualified for caregiving support, including basic—CPR and first aid. Our agency also lets them take an exclusive training program and get specialized education. Most of our caregivers have training on how to take care of patients with dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

No man is an island. We need help from others in some instances and for various reasons like care support for our loved ones. If your concern is about caregivers in the home services, Living Well Family Care is here to help you.