In-Home Assisted Living In Greensboro NC

26 Oct 2021

Often the only demand of elders and other care recipients is extra support to carry out must-do activities daily in their homes. With home care, the assistance they ask for is experienceable, wherever they are. In Greensboro, NC, Living Well Family Care can provide you with in-home assisted living services hassle-free. 

Qualified in-home assisted living care providers

Today, convenience and peace of mind materialize if you know where to get the services you need. It is why knowing and partnering with the nearest home care agency in Greensboro is ideal.

Living Well Family Care is a young and vibrant company that makes its mark as a reliable agency of caregivers. The agency, founded in 2017, comprises certified, competent in-home aides and nursing assistants. Its employees took a qualifying test and extensive training programs. Furthermore, most of them have in-depth knowledge in caregiving for patients with diabetes, injury, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and more. Also, they are well-guided, so they keep up with their top-grade practices. 

Offer extensive in-home assisted living services

In terms of services, Living Well has an array of services that meet the ever-changing needs of home care in Greensboro. 

Senior Care. Caregiving support is almost synonymous with senior care assistance. And Living Well takes pride in covering the essential and helpful services for seniors. It includes providing support for core daily activities such as: 

  • maintaining personal hygiene, 
  • mobility and exercise assistance
  • eating on time
  • medication reminder
  • light housekeeping
  • and more

Respite care. Family carers also need some support in taking care of their loved ones and themselves. Respite care is the solution they can count on, and it is doable to receive anytime for the short or long term. 

In Living Well, respite care services are accessible to clients anytime. Its caregivers can offer support for a few hours or a whole day, scheduled regularly or not. Thus, in case of urgent need or changes in schedule, family carers can tap the respite care services of Living Well. 

Hospice care. Whether it’s the family carer or care recipient, handling a terminal illness is saddening day after day. As a way of lessening the stress and increasing the quality of life, it is good if patients and their families receive hospice care.

In terms of hospice care, the nurses of Living Well can provide this service in the clients’ homes. Their know-how in nursing plans, which involve sensitivity to physical pain and coordination with the doctor, is helpful to experience comfort amidst suffering. 

Caregiving for chronic conditions. Diabetes, seizure disorder, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia are not only demand long-term medication. These also require a high level of attention to prevent other risks. Seizure disorder, for example, attacks suddenly. Thus, a care provider must have a prompt and proper response when it happens. 

Patients from Greensboro with the mentioned health woes can tap the nursing services of Living Well for reliable support. A 24-hour care or another arrangement, a patient can have a constant companion. And not just any companion, but a care provider who has skills for these. 

For information on how you can receive in-home assisted living in Greensboro, you can reach Living Well Family Care through or (336) 763-6998.