In-Home Health Care by Living Well Home Care Agency

28 Oct 2021

Nursing an elder or recovering patient at home has become usual today. Doctors allowed some care recipients to do medication or treatment at home. Moreover, it is practical compared to receiving care in hospitals and nursing homes. If you’re seeking this type of service in North and South Carolina, then in-home health care by Living Well Home Care Agency can be an excellent choice.

Difference in-home health care to other services

Getting assistance for your needs at home can be straightforward. Perhaps many of your relatives and friends are willing to do it. However, given their other duties, you may feel shy to ask them to do it regularly. It is, especially if providing care already takes time and for the long term. 

Another point here is the support needed requires expertise. Treating a severe physical injury cannot be as easy as putting on a band-aid. Cleaning and wound dressing can be delicate. What more if there is a treatment process that needs to do every day. On top of this, some other injuries and illnesses require utilizing medical tools like ventilators and tubes.  

For these reasons, it is good to know that the word “health” in in-home care has significance. Mainly, it concerns who is the care provider and what is the priority.

The who? Caregivers like what Living Well Family Care provides are trained and certified in tasks related to medical or healthcare. Its in-home aides can administer first aid and CPR. They know vital sign monitoring, the importance of on-time medication, following a healthful diet, etc.  

In-home health providers can take charge of assisting diabetic patients with medicine and insulin administration. Plus, they also provide support for those with a seizure disorder. All these because they have training and experience in these health issues. In essence, another meaning of health here is the required medical expertise to provide home care properly and efficiently. Thus, it is the nurses or nurse assistants who perform this support.

The priorities. While some tasks are also present in in-home health care, it centers on providing care for the injury or illness of the patient. The idea about this service is that patients get the same kind of nursing care they can get in the hospitals. The only difference is that the treatment, medication, and other related tasks happen in their homes. 

In addition to these, many patients choose in-home health care as the best alternative to the traditional way because it is practical. In other words, they can do away from far expensive treatment or medication in the hospital or healthcare facilities. 

The in-home health care of Living Well

The nursing services of the Living Well solve not only the needs of assistance for patients suffering from injuries and illness. Most of its care providers also already have some training about dementia and Parkinson’s disease. 

Moreover, the nursing services of Living Well Home Care Agency also offer caregiving support for catastrophic, pulmonary, spinal cord, and traumatic brain injuries. Thus, this also provides wound care, tube feeding, and more.