In-Home Health Care in Burlington NC

29 Oct 2021

When you are still in pain after surgery or operation, thinking of going home may seem not possible. But with in-home health care, it is achievable and convenient to take. You only need to find a suitable agency in your area. If indeed you’re looking for in-home health care in Burlington, NC, Living Well Family Care is here to assist you.

Nursing care in your place

In-home health care is appealing because it is practical and satisfying for the family.

You pay less for the cost but receive quality medical care. Compared to the amount to pay in some health facilities, in-home health care costs less. As of May 2021, it’s only around $192 per 8 hours daily or $4,224 per 22 days monthly across the US based on the cost of care survey of Gentworth. Meantime, the average value of a semi-private room in nursing homes is around $256 daily or $7,756 monthly. If it is private, it costs $290 daily or $8,821 monthly on average. 

You receive health care at the comfort of your home. One thing that makes in-home health care likable is because it offers a sense of independence.

At home, patients have access to familiar objects and activities. Even if they have some mobility issues, they still do the things they like. Maybe it’s playing chess with a neighbor, sewing clothes on the patio, or enjoying a bonding moment on the deck. Indeed, you feel free and resourceful to have enjoyable activities in your house than any other place.

Moreover, home is where they can reach and be reachable to their loved ones in no time. As socialization helps to keep them feeling good and alive, it is also beneficial to their recovery and quality of life. On top of these, being surrounded by people who care lessens the loneliness. 

You get personalized health care. A nurse assistant for in-home care in Burlington concentrates on one patient only. With these, it is not only the needs related to illness or injury that they can accommodate but also the preferred ways of service of the client. It may request for eight hours a day or 24-hour care, depending on the medical setback. 

The benefit of in-home health care of Living Well Family Care

Aside from top-notch care providers of in-home health care in Burlington, getting the service of Living Well Family Care also offers:  

Skip the process of getting efficient nurse assistants. Compared to personal hiring, you don’t have to go through different stages of interviews and paperwork. Living Well already does the necessary background check and training. It also has a process to point out who is fit for caregiving or nursing. Moreover, it also observes how employees conduct good practices in their respective workplaces. 

You always have nurse assistants to take care of you. Immediate or planned and short or long term, you can get reliable upport for home health care with Living Well.

Compared to direct hiring, the clients of a home care agency need not worry if their care providers take a break, ask for days off, or decide to quit.