Is Home Care Service Safe And Secure? 

29 Aug 2022

Home care service can be vital to keeping seniors and other care recipients healthy even out of a hospital or nursing home. It is a personalized type of assistance that offers various benefits. Even though this is a strong point, there are still doubts if it is safe and secure

When does home care not be safe and secure? 

Many hazards can make home care services unsafe and insecure. Some of the most common include violence or the threat of violence, unsanitary conditions, hazardous materials, and quality of home care service. 

Unsanitary Conditions: People get the illness from environmental risks, particularly if it’s polluted. Home is no different in this aspect. It can trigger disease because it may have clutter, garbage, animal droppings, or unclean water. If this is the condition, the house can pose a severe risk to care workers and patients. Therefore, cleaning and sanitizing a house also ensures an adequate home care experience.

Hazardous Materials: The setup, furniture, tools, and other materials in one’s home also can be hazards. It is the same with tools and supplies used for home health care that may be dangerous. Therefore, handling these materials is critical to avoid injuries and other threats.

Level of needs of the patients: The scope of home care is vast, but like other services, it has limitations too. For one, it is most effective for recovering patients who are fine to receive treatment at home. It is also suitable for those who maintain prescribed medication, diet, and activities. It is why home care is perfect for assisting seniors, young children, people with disabilities, and postoperative patients. And for those needing caregivers all day long, there are live-in caregivers and 24-hour care. 

On the other hand, patients must be hospitalized if the condition is still being diagnosed or in the critical period. It most likely demands prompt treatment. And this requires comprehensive equipment and tools and a group of medical practitioners to provide safe and secure assistance. The crucial points here are the severity of the case and immediate response.

The threat of violence: Sometimes, the home is not a safe place to receive care because of conflicts, violence, or other stressful factors. If it is serious and cannot be solved or mitigated, maybe home care is also not safe and secure service for a person. 

Aside from these factors, the quality of home care service or a caregiver’s capabilities can also be a factor. It is essential in all cases, particularly for clients who have vulnerable health.  

How and why is home care safe and secure? 

Is Home Care Service Safe And Secure 

If the home is safe and the patient is allowed or prefers home care, it is safe and secure. And there are several methods to do this. 

  • Home care workers went through a background check. One major factor is that home care workers are typically hired through a private agency. A home care company conducts qualification checks, including criminal background and work experience references, to ensure that an employee is suited for the job. 
  • Home care workers are also typically insured and bonded. This protects both the client and the worker in case of an accident or injury. 
  • Home care agencies have protocols for dealing with an unexpected crisis, such as a medical emergency or a natural disaster. 
  • Home care workers are often trained in CPR and other first-aid procedures. Aside from these, they also have extensive training in assisting clients based on their needs. These can help them respond quickly and effectively.

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