Need An In-Home Nurse? No Problem. Learn About Our Services

23 Nov 2021

Are you thinking about whether to seek a private nurse or an in-home nurse? Either of the two has advantages, but in this post, allow us to explain why you need an in-home nurse and how Living Well Family Care can assist you. 

Benefits of receiving nursing services at home

If the patient is allowed and prefers care at home, receiving support from an in-home nurse is an ideal choice. The advantages of receiving care from any of these types are: 

Client-centered services. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, around 700,000 to 1,000,000 Americans fall in the hospitals per year. AHRQ added that 33% of the cases were avoidable. A practice or solution they mentioned to prevent accidental falls is to provide personalized solutions. And these should be based on the risk factors and needs of the patient. 

The kind of care that in-home nurses provide is also personalized as they concentrate on the individual demands of their clients. Home health care assistants can also help to avoid falls, contagious infections, or other risks. For one thing, they interact directly and constantly with their patients. They feel satisfied when their patient is in good health.

Cost-efficient. Opting for in-home health care saves clients from expenses in transportation and utilizing healthcare facilities. Moreover, the travel and waiting time in the hospitals may also be equivalent to hours of losing income. It is especially true for family carers who juggle their job and caregiving duties. Thus, services of in-home nurse care are not only all about convenience. It is also cutting preventable charges.

Aside from these, Medicare may cover the expense of in-home nursing services, particularly for eligible patients. 

Comfort while having treatment or medication. Several studies have shown treatments administered at home are effective for most patients. These also help them recover fast and avoid hospital readmission.

Another benefit for patients of in-home nurses is they can help them have a sense of privacy. While it is achievable in healthcare facilities, enjoying privacy at home sounds incomparable. Take note also that some patients can receive care in the daytime only. If that is what they prefer and their case is not severe. 

In-home nurses and Living Well Home Care

The advantages mentioned above are only some of the remarkable things about in-home nurse services. There is more to know when you get help from Living Well Home Care. Here are more good points to add:

Coverage. The agency, with offices in North and South Carolina, caters to clients who demand nursing services. It covers care support for hospice, seizure disorder, diabetes, and diverse types of injury. Additionally, our in-home nurse assist in 

  • tube feeding
  • tracheotomy
  • medication and insulin Administration
  • wound care
  • ventilator care 
  • and more

Care Provider. All the employees of Living Well, including its in-home nurses, went through a screening process. Their credentials, especially experiences and educational background, are also checked. Aside from these, most of its care providers took in-depth classes about dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes. Simply put, Living Well already did the process of seeking and selecting qualified nurses for our clients.