Senior In-Home Care Services in the Triad

6 Sep 2021

Understandably, even if you find a suitable assisted living or nursing home for seniors, you are still unsure about it. Even though it exudes a welcoming vibe, it still looks strange to be a new residence. Indeed, nothing feels like staying in your territory—a place called home. If this is your concern, we can help you with senior in-home care services in the Triad area

The care provider for the elderly in Triad

Living Well Family Care is an agency of caregivers, specifically in-home aides (IHAs) and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). As our ambassadors to our clients, they underwent processes that further identify and hone their capabilities. 

  • Evaluation. We are meticulous in checking the background and skills of our caregivers. Each one took an assessment test and was required to be certified in administering CPR and first aid.
  • Training. Living Well Family Care conducts intensive training that is exclusive to employees. Through this, they learn vital lessons such as caregiver support, blood-borne pathogens, universal precautions, and more. Most of them also took education programs about senior-related health issues like dementia and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Supervision. Living Well strives to maintain quality service, so we supervise our care providers well. A part of this is the scheduled or surprised visits of our certified nurses to their workplaces. One of its main objectives is to see how they carry out their duties well.

The much-needed services for seniors

Covering every possible aspect of caregiving support for elders, we offer various services for them. These are not only continuously updated and enhanced but also beneficial to the elders and their families. 

Support for crucial and level needs. It is a hurdle for most seniors to stay at home as some activities can be something they can no more do independently. 

Our caregivers know and are skilled to perform assistance that must-do every day. It includes the following:

  • Maintain good hygiene such as bathing, dressing, toileting, and light housekeeping. 
  • Meal preparation and feeding that may follow a diet plan
  • Mobility that entails transfer and positioning, safe ambulation, and support in doing prescribed exercises
  • Stick at prescribed medication through reminders of taking medicine on time, setting up appointments, and incidental transportation.

On-demand and flexible help. Providing care cannot be fixed constantly. Often emergencies happen when you least expect them. In this manner, elders also need help unscheduled or for an extended period. Living Well offers on-demand assistance or respite care that is a solution to instant demand for support. Moreover, it can be 24-hour care or a few hours only. 

Respite care is not only advantageous to seniors. It is primarily a relief for family carers who may need hours of days off because of other matters.

Provide comfort and convenience. Chores like laundry, running errands, and shopping, and home management entails hours of work. What more for the seniors or busy family carers?  

Count on Living Well Family Care

To further assist our senior clients in Triad, Living Well Family Care also provides these services. Also, our in-home caregivers in the Triad offer companionship that is inspired to be emotional and mentally stimulating for elders. These and their readiness to serve; comfort seniors and make them not lonesome when receiving care at home.