We Offer In-Home Care Services for the Elderly in the Triad

2 Sep 2021

What makes a city or region a worthy place to live in for families? Does it offer lucrative career and business opportunities? Should it feature impressive infrastructure and transportation systems? Impressively, all these traits are in the Triad, a region in North Carolina that offers access to satisfying life conveniences, including family or senior care? Living Well Family Care is within the Triad, and it provides trusted in-home caregivers for the elders

Living Well in the Triad

The “Triad” or Piedmont Triad corresponds to three big citiesGreensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point. Each boasts distinct features, and together they constitute an area where one can enjoy a prosperous and robust lifestyle. High Point is known as the Furniture Capital of the World, while Winston-Salem and Greensboro present sophisticated education and transportation systems. But all these are not the sole reasons why the Triad is appealing.

In the U.S. News & World Report (2019), Greensboro and Winston-Salem emerged as the two of the fittest cities for retirees or seniors. Compared to the 7.6 of the top city, the two places got 6.8 and 7.1 respectively. It also made them the 37th and 7th placers out of the 125 largest U.S. cities. A few of the factors in scoring were the quality of care and satisfaction or happiness these cities can offer. 

People also can count on available senior care services in the Triad. Living Well Family Care, for example, is an agency of in-home caregivers that has offices in Greensboro and Burlington, North Carolina. Having caregiving support from a reputable agency like this for seniors would make them and their families feel at home in the Triad.  

Why involve an in-home caregiver for the elderly?

Even some ergonomic tools allow elders to move around; the humanistic support of care providers is irreplaceable. The companionship of a carer can make a lot of difference than letting a senior stay alone in the house. The mental and emotional stimulation, as well providing extra hands to make their daily activities harmonious.

Seniors are also in need of aids for their ADLs. It involves activities such as bathing, dressing, and toileting. Apart from helping them maintain good hygiene, these also prevent them from getting sick and be prone to safety risks. 

Taking a bath is a usual activity, but it can also prompt accidents, particularly for a person with less sense of balance. Thus, just making sure that a senior does not walk on the slippery floor or even a towel is reachable can ensure one has safe bathing time. What’s more, if an elder has a mobility issue? It is a must that there’s a carer to provide support in moving or transferring.  

Trusted In-Home Care Services

Elders residing in the Triad region can count on Living Well in-home senior care services. Our company has skilled in-house aides who are all set to aid and offer comfort for elders. It includes works like light housekeeping, laundry, home management, and more.

Feel free to call us to know more about how we can provide caregiving services in Burlington, Greensboro, and nearby areas.