What is in-home respite care?

11 May 2021

Family caregivers also need a break and rest. And it is a non-issue if you have assistance to take care of any one of your dear family members if you are away. If this is your concern, a home respite care service is an excellent option for you. It is a relief to the family care providers, as well as for their care recipients.  

Home respite care is a reliable reliever

If you are the prime carer of your elder or sick family member, respite care is beneficial for you to employ. It means a caregiver can be your substitute for an agreed duration. In that way, you will have a day or week to attend to your other personal business matters. It is also a person to assist you to have a break and recharge. 

Another benefit of respite care is to find time for other people or things you prioritize. An example of this is your passion for arts, science, or sports. Weekly biking with friends, for example, helps you to exercise and stay connected with your clique.     

Remember also you need to take care of your well-being. Occasional breaks and diversions are helpful for any family caregivers to prevent health concerns in carrying out their responsibilities.

According to American Psychologist Association (APA), a few of the usual mental concerns of caregivers are anxiety, depression, and the feeling of abandonment or isolation. In the physical aspect, APA shared carers typically have sleep problems, dysregulation, and a waning immune system. Moreover, they also experience some hurdles rooted in financial and family relationship woes.

Key points about home respite care

Compared to other types of senior or home care, engaging respite care only entail minimal or manageable expenses. Typically, its calculation starts on a per hour or day basis. As for hourly salary rates for home care providers, it ranges from $14 to $40. The rate depends on various points like the load of work, location of care recipients, and the type of caregiver. Usually, experienced care providers with specialized skills demand a higher price. 

Know and connect with an accessible home care provider in your area. It is excellent if you know where to seek respite care. The ideal is it has an array of services to offer and near your place. For example, you can avail respite care in Living Well Family Care if you are near Greensboro and Burlington, North Carolina, or Dillion, South Carolina.  

Services for home respite care can arrange for the term you prefer. You can receive this service by schedule or on-demand. Respite care programs can do these, as well as telephone reassurance and 24-hour caregiving.  

You have the choice of which services to receive. Generally, caregiving can be as light as meal preparation, medicine reminder, or vital sign monitoring. It may also mean assistance for seniors with problems in balance or mobility. Thus, it is essential then your partner in respite care can provide what you can do. For sure, you want to entrust your loved one to somebody who can do quality service.

On some occasions, respite care is also a way to have a home health aide in your abode. It is when a family member is recovering from a physical injury that predictably heals fast.