Daily Living

What are the things you can’t do without in a day? These are likely the activities that let you function, feel comfortable, or do well in a day. However, what’s your answer if you or your loved one cannot carry out any of these? Living Well Family Care Services may have the solutions for you or your loved one daily living.

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What exactly is Daily Living?  

Daily Living is the activities that are essential for a person to do regularly at least to stay healthy and active. These include eating, taking medicine, bathing, washing, dressing, continence, moving (e.g., exercise, walking, changing position), and more. Another term for this is activities of daily living or ADLs and mostly about personal care. 

On the other hand, daily living also pertains to tasks that can never neglect to do and are connected to personal care. It involves shopping, running errands, light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, and home management-related tasks. Since these are also for personal care, hygiene, and other necessities, these are called instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). In contrast to personal care, the tasks here require skills and effort. For example, preparing a healthy meal needs cooking skills, and home management demands organization. 

How can Living Well help in daily living? 

Undoubtedly, ADLs and IADLs are must-do for all. But some individuals find these impossible or at least challenging to carry out every time. Young children, for example, need caring adults to offer meal preparation and feeding. Seniors with comorbidity and mobility issues may be too feeble to perform chores. For them and others, such as people with disabilities, getting help from a home care agency like Living Well Family Care is advisable.

Living Well is a company that offers support related to daily living. Some of these include home management, light housekeeping, laundry, shopping, errands, medicine reminder, and incidental transportation services. Aside from this, the agency also can assist in personal care, respite, and home nursing. All these are doable with the help of dependable care providers such as in-home aides and certified nursing assistants.

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Each company’s employees underwent evaluation during the hiring process and an exclusive training program after. Some of its caregivers also studied assisting patients with diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, or dementia through a special educational program. For Living Well, these are vital to solidifying its aim to offer the best home care services. The company, which has a solid presence in North and South Carolina, knows how important it is to provide solutions to those needing assistance, especially for their daily living. Moreover, the company never ceases to maintain high standards of service. It implements strong employee management through various approaches like regularly monitoring work practices. 

Above all, Living Well continuously adapts to changes and demands in services about daily living. Its assistance is available by schedule or immediate, and for a few hours or days arrangement. It also makes a point that its caregivers provide dependable companionship to clients.

In what areas can Living Well offer services for daily living? 

The agency’s assistance has a broad scope of service in Carolinas. It aids clients in Burlington, Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem on the north side. In the south, it can provide home care support around Dillion.