At Living Well Family Care, our mission is to provide individuals with family-focused and trustworthy home care services in Greensboro, NC and the surrounding Triad area. Our goal is to provide high-quality home care services to those who need it the most. We help people remain in their own homes while aging, providing them with a richness of life and peace of mind that comes from being in the comfort of your own home. However, they still need a helping hand with a variety of everyday tasks and responsibilities that come with living independently with a disability or while aging. Our Greensboro home care aides help our clients maintain their freedom and self-respect as well as connections with their family and friends.


Living Well Family Care’s personalized approach to homecare makes our services perfect for any assistance and care need. We know that different health and emotional situations will call for different approaches, so our homecare services are designed to handle these situations and respond with a personalized plan no matter what the homecare needs may be.

At Living Well Family Care we offer various homecare services for different non-medical home care needs. Some of the home care services we offer include:




Living Well Family Care’s licensed Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses are ready to helps with medication management, wound care, ventilator and tracheostomy care and much more. Private duty nursing is known to make a world of difference for patients coming out of the hospital and wanting to live at home as long as possible. Some clients pair nursing care with non-medical nursing assistant care.


Living Well Family Care’s in-home personal care service is perfect for individuals that have mobility issues. Our trained homecare professionals will help with bathing, dressing, grooming, and taking care of personal hygiene.

Living Well Family Care professionals are trained in mobility and positioning assistance as well as helping individuals get in and out of their bed, bathtub, and help with using the toilet. Our homecare professionals help individuals with meal preparation and eating, as well as sticking to special diets such as those for individuals with diabetes. Our in-home care professionals also help with taking vital signs, for example monitoring heart rate, pulse, and blood pressure. We can help with exercise assistance that may have been prescribed by a licensed medical professional such as walking, low impact physical exercise, fitness routines, as well as physical therapy routines.



Living Well Family Care’s trained homecare professionals really do care for our clients. They excel at companionship and emotional support as well as offering telephone reassurance. At Living Well Family Care, we believe that being in good health is more than just being physically fit or capable. It also includes a sound mind and emotional balance. Our homecare professionals in Greensboro provide mental stimulation exercises to help clients by engaging them in conversation and testing mental acuity. In addition to performing these tasks for mental stimulation purposes, our homecare professionals use these techniques to test whether the client is in a normal state of mind and thinking clearly. Mental responsiveness or lack thereof could mean that there is a serious medical issue occurring such as a stroke or a heart attack. Our trained homecare professionals know how to spot the signs of these illnesses and are trained to respond in an effective and professional manner.


Living Well Family Care’s trained homecare professionals understand the importance of daily living. Our professionals help with daily meal preparation, medication reminders, errands and shopping services, as well as laundry, light housekeeping, and home management. We can make sure that individuals that we care for make their important doctor and hospital appointments. Our homecare specialists will help with appointment scheduling as well as accompanying our clients to doctor and hospital appointments through our incidental transportation services.



Living Well Family Care offers our proprietary Family CareWatch™ service. This service is an offering which provides our clients and their families with peer and family support as well as local or remote family communication services. We understand that family members will be concerned with the health and welfare of their loved ones that is why we offer caregiver counseling and education to family members. We also assist family members with home care coordination services to help families navigate both the services we offer as well as the services their loved one may need.



At Living Well Family Care our mantra is “safety first”. We are able to provide clients with a thorough in-home assessment and review which consists of a customized care plan as well as ongoing professional oversight that will provide clients and their family members’ peace of mind.


Home care is not just for older, aging adults. Anyone who needs help at home can benefit from our expert and professional home care services. Living Well Family Care will provide non-medical support and assistance to anyone who is in need of our services, from parents with young or disabled children to adults with disabilities, as well as individuals who may be recovering from surgery or an illness.


Our home health care agency provides clients in Greensboro, NC and the surrounding  Triad area with exceptional service and attentive care. The trained in-home aides and certified nursing assistants provide you or your family members with the compassion, professionalism and respect that every loved one deserves. Our mission is to help the residents of Greensboro live happier, more independent lives in the comfort of their homes. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive home care services.


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