Personal Care Services

Daily, people carry out essential tasks or chores to stay healthy, active and have a cheerful disposition. However, individuals who cannot independently perform activities because of a condition need assistance. It is why personal care services are perfect for helping them to fulfill their daily essentials. And regarding this, Living Well Family Care can assist clients who need these in Carolinas. 

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What are personal care services and who needs these? 

Personal care is essential to accomplish basic daily tasks. If we talk about the particulars, it involves activities of daily Living (ADLs) that an adult individually carries out. 

Examples of ADL are

  • Bathing and washing hands
  • Toileting
  • Grooming
  • Dressing or changing clothes
  • Brushing teeth or oral care
  • Mobility including walking, exercise, bed transfer
  • Eating
  • And more

The Instrumental Activities of Daily Life (IADLs) are also necessary and connected to ADLs. Mostly, these are tasks to accomplish for personal and even family care. Compared to ADLs, IADLs require more skills like organization and problem-solving. The examples of IADLs include

  • Housework like cleaning and laundry
  • Shopping
  • Running errands
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders and appointment setting
  • And more

Casually, any adult can do personal care and daily living activities without complex problems. But then again, not all adults are equally capable of performing everyday essentials. Some have feeble health because of illness, injury, impairment, and other health conditions. While others naturally need support, like young children and seniors. In these manners, 

individuals like them need aid or personal care services to cover their necessities.

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What’s in Living Well Family Care’s Personal Care Services? 

Living Well Family Care is a reliable home care services company with qualified caregivers to assist clients in Carolinas. Currently, it has offices in Burlington and Greensboro in North Carolina and Dillion in South Carolina. 

To ensure it delivers reliable personal care services, Living Well implements hiring processes that determine caregivers’ skills and relevant experiences for their roles. Each of its employees went through an evaluation. They also did undergo exclusive training that hones their competencies in assisting clients. Some also took in-depth educational programs about dementia, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, the company always helps through different methods. For example, Living Well executes regular workplace visits to check and guide its employees’ practices. 

With Living Well’s capabilities, it continuously grows as a company and expands its services. To date, Living Well provides various home care services that cover respite care, instrumental daily life activities, home nursing assistance, and personal care. 

The personal care services of Living Well are helpful for patients or clients because of its caregivers’ exceptional assistance. They understand what needs to be done and how to accomplish these with care. They don’t only perform services but also provide reliable companionship and make their clients at ease. 

Indeed, the personal care services of Living Well strive to help clients maintain good health and comfortability. It is why the company’s home care assistance is practical, especially for seniors, people with disabilities, and young children.

How to contact Living Well Family Care to assist you? 

You can reach out to Living Well Family Care by visiting any of its three offices in the Carolinas. You may also call any of its numbers. Here is each office’s dedicated phone number depending on where you reside or prefer.  

  • Greensboro, NC – (336) 763-6998  
  • Burlington, NC – (336) 270-3740
  • Dillion, NC – (843) 506-8826
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