In-home care agency for the Triad Area

14 Mar 2021

In-Home Care Agency For The Triad Area

If you have not thought of getting in-home care for your loved one in the Triad Are, you are not alone. Approximately 65 million Americans are juggling the daily needs of the home, work, children, and caring for the elderly.

Managing active households and the sensitive arrangements that must be carried out when caring for a loved one can be overwhelming. Thus, it is okay to ask for help from professionals whose jobs it is to care for and assure the safety of older adults, the disabled, and even children.

In-home care agencies have staff with competence in evaluating patient needs and developing care programs, normally at no cost to the client. The professional workforce at a home care agency can assist clients in navigating through the web of health care systems and completely convey their needs and objectives to physicians, hospital staff, and nursing home staff.

Home care agency staff can likewise help patients and their families with any emotional obstacles and issues about receiving home care services.

Pros of working with a home care agency

After establishing that home care is the right choice, consumers analyze their choices of selecting a home care agency or negotiate straight to a home health aide or nurse. However, you should be mindful of the following benefits of working with a home care agency and the risks of a direct hire.

1. Employer obligations

By directly negotiating and employing a home health aide or nurse, the individual consumer and their household picks up the obligations as their employer. This includes paying for the nurse’s worker’s compensation, taxes, insurance, and liability. If the health aide or nurse gets hurt during their term giving care or commuting to or from the patient’s home, it is the consumer that is lawfully and financially accountable. Working with a home care agency eases the client of these obligations.

2. Peace of mind

Unless you perform a criminal background check at your own expense, you do not know who is giving care in your home.

Home care agencies are expected to conduct thorough criminal history checks that produce more exhaustive data than what is accessible to the public before any home care agency employee working in your home.

3. Security and contingency

If you hire directly and your employee harms or steals from you, you are nevertheless still liable. However, home care agencies are expected to provide different insurances to safeguard you. They are required by law to quickly review all accusations of abuse or theft. Furthermore, home care agencies can give a replacement without interruption of service if the home care agency employee gets sick, injured, or switches jobs.

Best home care agency for the Triad Area

Living Well Family Care provides the best, most professional in-home care services in the Triad Area. Their goal is to provide families with trustworthy and family-focused home care services to those who need them the most.

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