In-home Care Services for Stroke Patients

6 Dec 2021

Like a heart attack, stroke can happen suddenly and severely, and patients experience significant changes in a few hours. But these are some symptoms alone that need prompt medical treatments within 60 minutes. Recovery and prevention of it happening again are the other crucial concerns. In-home care services for stroke patients are helpful, so the two can be more feasible. 

What happens to patients suffering from a stroke?

During a stroke, there’s a blood clot that forms and stops the normal flow of blood to the brain. It is called ischemic, the most common of the two types of stroke. The other type is hemorrhagic, bleeding in the brain due to broken blood vessels. When any of this occurs, there’s a natural reaction in a brain area and causes damage to the body’s other part(s). It includes paralysis, loss of balance, blurred vision, trouble speaking, or numbness. 

Stroke attacks suddenly, but people develop the risk factors for it consistently and gradually beforehand. Primarily, it is because of unhealthy lifestyles like poor dietary habits, lack of exercise, and smoking. Add the fact that some individuals have genetic tendencies based on their family health history. 

It is important to note that stroke can happen again if one is not health conscious. What prevents it in the first place is also applicable to stop it from happening again. The effort after having one should probably be doubled and combined with medication. As per the American Stroke Association, one out of four survivors has a second attack.

The ways to prevent this cardiovascular disease include

  • Get under control one’s high blood pressure
  • Quit smoking
  • Keep cholesterol the regular or prescribed level
  • Exercise regularly
  • Have a nutritious diet

The benefits of in-home care services for stroke patients

Imperatively, care recipients need to work on their recovery and stay healthy after their stroke treatment. Some patients can follow the doctor’s advice and medication, but others find these hard to do. A few of their reasons are problems with mobility, failed coordination, and emotional stress. Thus, the stroke patients don’t only support physically but also stimulation mentally and emotionally.

In-home care services are the best support to offer for stroke patients. These are customizable, comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective.

Customization. Stroke has mild or severe cases that the help to provide must depend on the patient’s needs. Living Well Family Care, for instance, has in-home aides to assist in day to day essentials like maintaining 

  • personal hygiene, 
  • taking medicine 
  • checking of vital signs
  • eating prescribed food
  • doing recommended exercise
  • setting medical appointments/check-ups
  • And more

On the other hand, the Living Well nurses take charge of medical-related assistance at home like diabetes care and medication administration. The agency also has live-in, 24-hour, and respite care providers.

Comfort. Survivors can also experience depression because of regret, lack of help, or biochemical reaction in the brain. Their carers should offer comfort through companionship support. 

With home care providers, patients will not be alone and helpless to do vital work. Moreover, in-home care services can make them focus on their recovery! 

Living Well in-home aides can also help light housekeeping, laundry, running errands, shopping, and home management. 

Cost-effective. Aside from being inexpensive compared to staying in hospitals, in-home care cuts off transportation and hiring expenses. 

Contact Living Well Home Care Agency for trusted and dependable senior care for stroke and cancer patients.