Need An In-Home Nurse? No Problem. Learn About Our Services

9 Nov 2021

Taking care of yourself or a loved one suffering from a disease or injury demands more than physical strength. It also requires emotional agility and in-depth knowledge, especially when the case is delicate. In this sense, opting to have an in-home nurse to support your patients is vital. And when it comes to this need, Living Well Family Care can help, so you have no problem seeking a reliable in-home nurse. It is one of their services.

The need for an in-home nurse

A health problem or emergency occurs in unexpected moments. Some even rapidly progress to a severe level if left neglected. It is why getting assistance from an expert is valuable. Fortunately, you have an option aside from going to any healthcare facility every time. It is receiving care from an in-home nurse straight in your abode. In this manner, the care recipient experiences less hassle going back and forth or staying long in a healthcare facility. 

Aside from this, there are more benefits to reap with the services of an in-home nurse. Here are some of those things: 

The services of an in-home nurse are less expensive. In reality, the cost of home health care depends on various factors. However, these are still inexpensive compared to receiving care in nursing homes. And, typically, patients pay higher for private rooms. According to Genworth’s Cost of Care survey, it is around $105,850 per year or $8,821 in 2020. It is far different from nursing care services that are approximately $4,400 per month only. 

The in-home nurses make getting vital assistance come instant. If there is an in-home nurse beside you, it is like healthcare support is within your reach. Additionally, there are crucial tasks in-home health care that must be carried out only by a qualified professional.   

What you can expect from the in-home nurses from Living Well is proficiency. They are skilled in managing medical issues like seizure disorder, several injury types, and chronic diseases. Most of them also know about dementia, diabetes, and Parkinson’s Disease. What’s more, part of its nursing services encompasses hospice care. 

Living Well makes receiving nursing services hassle-free

To seek an in-home or private nurse is no joke. You go through processes before you see potential nurses for your patients. Plus, you may go through another cycle if the one you hire quits or emerges as unqualified. Getting help from Living Well saves you from these challenges. It assists you to receive nursing services than focus on finding a qualified care provider. You may concentrate on working together to offer efficient caregiving support. Perhaps, you can go straight to establishing a routine or schedule that is doable for you.

You can also expect that Living Well provides certified and dependable in-home nurses. The agency is meticulous in hiring caregivers and nurses. It utilizes an examination and background check, as well as a training program. What these mean for clients is receiving care only from qualified care providers. Living Well already did the necessary qualifying methods to know if a nurse is skilled and ready to serve.

Moreover, all Living Well care providers gained certifications to perform services, including CPR and first aid.