In-home Care Services for Cancer Patients

3 Dec 2021

Most cancer patients go to the hospitals to have chemotherapy or immunotherapy only. Aside from this, they may also get other treatments like radiation or surgery. These suggest that they are outpatients or stay at their homes most of the time. And it becomes a place where they bear the pain of side effects of chemo and other treatments. In-home care services for cancer patients are helpful for better taking care of their health towards healing. 

Cancer patients and their needs for home care services

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) report, approximately over 606k people (out of 1.8 million-plus new cases identified in the US) will die from cancer in 2020. While this looks dark, NCI also shared an estimated 16.9 million cancer survivors recorded in January 2019. And by 2030, it is expected that their number will rise to 22.2 million. 

While we cannot say that the survival rate differs due to various factors, that good figure shows that surviving the disease is highly possible. It also suggests that it is better to detect cancer early or cooperate for the necessary treatment. As one would expect, there is a lot of work to do other than this, and in-home care services for cancer patients are the ideal support for them. These lighten the load of patients and their families. Moreover, a home care agency can deliver services suitable to care recipients’ demands. Typically, there are three types/sets of in-home care they can choose from:

Services for their ADLs. The side effects of chemo and other treatments they receive weaken their immune system and physical vigor. Thus, they are also in pain and feeble to work on their activities of daily living (ADLs). What more if the patient also has another disability, right? 

In-home aides can assist cancer patients in doing daily essentials. The Living Well Family Care aides, for instance, support clients to 

  • maintain personal hygiene like bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting
  • keep their health in check by preparing nourishing meals and eating on time
  • not miss their medication, vital sign monitoring, check-up appointment, and prescribed diet plan
  • rest from chores like laundry and housekeeping, as well as errands and shopping

Services for medical-related concerns. There are many responsibilities that the in-home aides can do, but notice that they focus on duties related mostly to ADLs. In-home healthcare providers take charge of healthcare matters as these require their medical skills like the licensed nurses possess. 

Home healthcare care providers concentrate on procedures like wound care, tube feeding, and medication administration. Moreover, they are also adept at operating tools like ventilators. All these are parts of the nursing services of Living Well. 

The in-home care services for cancer patients near you in Carolinas

Living Well is a reputable company that offers in-home care services for over four years in its three branches within Carolinas. It screens and employs competent in-home aides and nursing assistants who also went through training programs. 

Thus, whether you want in-home care or nursing services, Living Well can serve cancer patients anywhere in Carolinas. It has offices in Greensboro and Burlington in North Carolina and Dillion in South Carolina.