Learn More About Live-In Companion For Elderly Services For Alamance County

17 Nov 2021

Are you always on the go and need to leave your elder often? You do not need to consider getting support in an assisted living facility when you are worried when you are away. You may only require help and learn more about live-in companions for elderly services for clients like you in Alamance County. 

Live-in companions for elderly services?

A live-in companion or caregiver is suitable for an elder who demands constant assistance. Live-in caregivers are the type of care providers who stay for the whole day in a week with care recipients with some time off. Typically, they have a particular place inside the house where they can take a rest. 

Compared to other types, live-in companions stay not only for a few hours only. They are different from those who provide 24-hour care. The latter involves a partner or team of in-home aides who change shifts to cover an entire workday. 

An advantage of live-in caregivers is they can build rapport or bond with their clients. One reason is because of the one-to-one and constant companionship. This connection is favorable since elders become trustful and less lonely. The interaction also helps to keep them stimulated emotionally and mentally. Moreover, it is easy to convince elders to take medicine or receive care if their caregivers are dependable. 

Apart from companionship and emotional support, the live-in companions for elderly service of Living Well Family Care can:

  • Assist elders in moving around and carrying out their activities. They are dependable in terms of mobility and positioning support.
  • Help in maintaining hygiene. Living Well in-home aides help seniors to accomplish their essential activities of daily These involve eating on time, bathing, changing clothes, and more.
  • Perform services that provide ease. Caregiving for seniors is not only about personal care or ADLs because some tasks also require other responsibilities. For example, to maintain hygiene, our in-home aides also do laundry and light housekeeping. To get supplies for meals and necessities, Living Well also offers shopping and errands and incidental transportation.

Factors that make a live-in companion for elderly care reliable

Learn More About Live-In Companion For Elderly Services For Alamance County

To determine and foster the abilities of caregivers to become dependable assistants, Living Well performs these:

  • Determine their skills and enthusiasm in caregiving. We have a thorough process to know better our potential employees. We do a test and verify their credentials. It also includes knowing if they have certifications to administer valuable duties like performing CPR and first aid during an emergency. 
  • Promote their development through training programs. Although already educated as caregivers, we still make our employees undergo a training program. For instance, we exclusively provide caregiver training wherein they also learn about bloodborne pathogens and universal precautions. On top of these, several Living Well care providers took advanced education regarding dementia, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and more. 
  • Supervise the performances or service. Learning someone has the necessary skills and enhancing these through training are not the only essential steps. Living Well also unceasingly guides and supervises the quality of service of our employees. To underpin these valuable tasks, we also utilize methods. It includes visiting our care providers at their workplaces.   

Inquire about your live-in companion for elderly services for Alamance Country; contact Living Well Family Care today!