Care in the Home in Burlington NC

20 Sep 2021

Living a life even in a beautiful place like Burlington, North Carolina, is not always a bed of roses. In some homes, residents are going through stages wherein they need to prioritize their health or wellbeing. When care in the home in Burlington is your concern, Living Well Family Care is here to assist you.

Living Well Family Care is a trusted home care agency in Burlington and Greensboro in North Carolina and Dillon in South Carolina. For more than four years, our agency has been serving home care in these areas. 

Costless support

Typically, people compare the cost of support in-home care assistance to an assisted living facility or nursing home. However, another good point of in-home care is it helps to prevent expenses on getting sick. 

The Living Well in-home aides (IHAs), for example, can help in maintaining good personal hygiene, which includes bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting. Our IHAs are also certified in administering CPR and first. Plus, they are adept at monitoring vital signs, medication reminders, and appointment settings. Our aides also can help to keep a space or entire house clean. Our IHAs also can do light housekeeping, home management, and laundry. 

Home care is different from in-home healthcare. The latter can be more expensive because it requires medical care providers such as nurses. And usually, they are needed when a client is already suffering from a disorder, injury, or illness. 

Comforting care

People consider caregiving support typically for senior care. But elders don’t have mobility issues or are feeble to get caregivers. Sometimes it comes down to having comforting and serviceable companionship.

With a personal caregiver around, seniors don’t feel lonely. They have someone to talk to every day and can accompany them wherever they go. First and foremost, caregivers of Living Well also assist in mobility, telephone reassurance, emotional and mental stimulation, and more. 

Our in-home aides also can render services like shopping and running errands, as well as incidental transportation services. Moreover, Living Well Family Care provides respite care services that are helpful for care recipients and family caregivers. With these features, clients can stay in their abodes with adequate care support.

Reliable assistance

Living Well is continuously expanding and looking for more ways to offer top-quality in-home care. Along with this is our commitment to provide the best in-home aides (IHAs) or Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) to our clients. 

Our IHAs can take charge of arduous tasks but essential to daily living. Some of the services they offer involve personal care, support for activities of daily living, and home management. If medication or treatment is the concern, our skilled CNAs can help to receive care at home. All of our care providers went through assessments and different training programs. Some took special training like caring for patients with dementia. However, each one of them is qualified to administer CPR and first aid. 

Indeed, receiving care is no hassle if you partner with agencies like Living Well Family Care. We are passionate about home care you can trust in Burlington.