Live-In Senior Caregiver Is One Of Our Services At Living Well Home Care

18 Nov 2021

In life, you establish different relationships that you treasure for the rest of your lives. It includes the bond you share with your elders. They have been offering tender loving care for as long as they can. But now, maybe it is about time to reciprocate their support as probably one of them becomes fragile. Let us help you take care of your loved one. The live-in senior caregiver is one of our services at Living Well Home Care.

Live-in caregiver and Senior Care

Live-in senior caregivers are a good fit for elders who need support anytime in a day. These care providers serve clients for almost 24 hours, with some breaks and recommended time to sleep. They do service for like four days before taking off or waiting for their substitute caregivers. The latter covers the days so the client would always have companions. 

If per hour or 24-hour care is not an option, live-in senior caregivers are a good fit. Here are some advantages of their support: 

  • Flexibility for any time demands. While most activities happen in the daytime, seniors also need support at night. Probably, it is a necessity to go to the toilet to pee. It is the same with erratic time to run errands and attend appointments. 

Since live-in senior caregivers stay with their clients, things like last-minute reschedule may not be a hassle. They are there to offer companionship and mobility support. 

Additionally, their flexibility benefits family carers who need not worry if they have changed their work schedule. They also can attend immediate events since their elders have reliable assistants. 

  • Advantages of familiarity. The companionship between a care provider and recipient becomes solid as they become familiar with each other. And it is most likely to happen if they spend more time together. 

Familiarity is the key to understanding. The care provider gets to know the dos and don’ts for the elder. Oppositely, seniors tend to cooperate in doing valuable activities or tasks like taking medicine. 

Cost-effective for senior care. The services of live-in caregivers cost less compared to those in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Typically, these are also inexpensive over the 24-hour care. The latter involves two to three caregivers to cover the round-a-clock assistance. 

Take note, though, 24-hour care is suitable if the demand for caregiving is high. For instance, an elder cannot be alone to avoid health risks such as falls. Usually, it is the nurses or home health care providers who offer 24-hour care. It is when the medical condition of an elder is the top priority. 

Living Well Home Care and Live-in Senior Care

Given the years of hard work, elders deserve to enjoy the perks of their retirement or senior life. They have more time for personal and family activities. Maybe for grandmothers, it is about time to enjoy cooking and teaching their recipes. Probably, it is the chance for grandfathers to enjoy fishing. But, of course, given their distinctive stamina and possible comorbidity, they should move with caution. It is ideal if they have support wherever, whenever they go. 

Let Living Well Home Care assist you with the support. It employs skilled and experienced live-in senior caregivers looking forward to serving your elder.