We’re a Local Agency for In-Home Help for the Elderly

6 Sep 2021

More and more businesses today offer clients appealing options to receive the services they need. In terms of senior care, however, you can’t hop from one option to another casually. It is a delicate matter that requires a thoughtful selection of whom to rely on for caregiving support. If you’re looking for a care provider in the North Carolina Triad, it’s good to consider Living Well Family Care as the best option. We’re a local agency in-home help for the elderly that offer services executed by reliable caregivers.

Living Well Family Care has been providing care for senior clients in the North Carolina Triad since 2017. And as the years pass by, our home care agency gets bigger and better at delivering our top-notch quality service with a localized approach.

Local in-home help for elders

Although there are typical concerns in senior care, Living Well is well aware of the specific demands of elders in North Carolina. Our know-how connected to local caregiving practices and laws makes us an efficient agency of care providers.

Essentially, we adhere to or even exceed the standards and ensure our caregivers are certified to serve our elders. Each one of them has the necessary training, including administering CPR and first aid. The majority also took specialized programs related to common conditions in elders like dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Ready to provide care for seniors

A benefit of a close-distant care provider is it is always possible to assist whenever you need. The respite care Living Well, for example, can offer on-demand or planned services schedules. It can be for a few hours only or an entire day of service. Thus, a family carer and senior have extra aides whenever they need them. 

Aside from companionship, Living Well caregivers also provide telephone reassurance and mental stimulation exercise. These help seniors to be active and emotionally supported.

Offer the services that elders need

Even these have become challenging, essential activities for seniors cannot be halt. The journey to keep them healthy and optimistic in life demands a multilayer of works. But for sure, these start with healthful and habitual steps. It involves preparing recommendable meals for diet, feeding on time, and assistance with safe mobility.

Living Well understands everything about movement can be difficult for seniors. For this reason, our in-home help for elders prioritizes assisting in mobility, including safe ambulation. For activities like hospital visits, we also aid incidental transportation.

On the other hand, our in-home aides can take charge of the valuable chores that are no longer feasible for them. It includes light housekeeping, laundry, home management, shopping, and errands. 

Keep them away from health risks

Elders are vulnerable to contract a disease because of their declining vigor. However, it can also be about cleanliness. 

With the help of Living Well caregivers, elders can maintain good hygiene. Every day, they have assistance in bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting. Additionally, our in-home aides are helpful in vital signs monitoring, medication reminders, and appointment setup. 

If you have inquiries about our home care agency, don’t hesitate to call or message us.