In-Home Elder Care Solutions By Professional Nurses

22 Oct 2021

Budget-friendly and closer to the family are just some reasons why in-home elder care solutions by professional nurses are the choices of many families. And what is even better about these is they are present in places like Carolinas with the help of agencies like Living Well Family Care.

The basics of in-home elder care

Because of its advantages, choosing home care over other options is not new to seniors and their families. Some benefits the elders reap from home care are the sense of independence and paying less expensive fees. These features also go with in-home elder care solutions by professional nurses. The nursing services of Living Well cover different medical problems. These include wound care, tube feeding, ventilator care, and tracheotomy care. 

Rendering home care support for injuries is also one of the expertise of its nurses. They help patients who suffer from traumatic brain, pulmonary, and spinal cord injuries. Furthermore, the home care agency also has nurses adept at handling patients with seizure disorder or diabetes, which involves medication and insulin administration. 

Another valuable component of the nursing services of Living Well is hospice care. It is for the care recipients who switch from medication to lessening the symptoms of the illness and maintaining the quality of life.  What is notable for elders, they like spending time and days with their loved ones more. And it is more doable if they receive care at home. 

On the other hand, hospice care is also beneficial to the families of elders. As they also go through challenges, having professionals attend to their seniors and make their illness painless is comforting enough. Plus, they have someone to lean on appointments, medication reminders, and coordination with doctors.

Professional care providers from Living Well

The nursing assistants of Living Well are certified and skilled in their field. The agency has a process to determine if their employees have what it takes to serve the elders in Carolinas. They had tests and a series of programs that deepened their know-how in senior care. Moreover, most care providers of Living Well took further training programs relevant to elders like Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

On maintaining excellent service, the company exceeds the standards when it comes to management and supervision. It always makes sure its nurse assistants uphold their duties. 

The solutions to elderly care

Services of Living Well Family Care are customizable according to the needs of the clients. It can be for a few hours or 24/7, a day or whole week. Typically, the setup depends on the condition of the elders. 

If one can no longer move or do activities and it is dangerous to be alone, 24-hour care is advisable. It is a type of arrangement that engages 2-3 nurses who change shifts every eight to 12 hours.

On the other hand, live-in care providers also stay beside the elders for several days. However, since live-in support only entails one person, there is a need for breaks and a day off from work. A benefit of it is an elder only team up with a sole care provider. It helps in establishing a rapport and trust that is also beneficial to senior care.