Live-In Senior Caregiver Is One Of Our Services At Living Well Home Care

8 Nov 2021

Home care services make the best elderly care achievable. But to realize it with ease, it is excellent that you team up with a reputable agency that makes these services accessible anytime through its reliable in-home aides for elders. Look no farther as Living Well Home Care can assist you to have a live-in senior caregiver.

What does every live-in senior caregiver provide?

Living Well is an agency of care providers composed of in-home aides and certified nursing assistants. Each of their employees can deliver dependable caregiver support for seniors. They underwent training programs to be knowledgeable in senior-related health cases. Moreover, all of their care providers also can perform CPR and first aid.

Because of the training and top-notch management, live-in senior caregivers of Living Well Home Care are reliable in rendering services.

They know the fundamentals of senior care. The basics cover the necessary support for hygiene and comfort. These include: 

  • Checking vital signs
  • Value of medicine reminders 
  • Make and follow-up appointments
  • Support in prescribed exercises
  • Following a diet plan and meal preparation
  • Aid in bathing and toileting
  • Overall support in mobility-related activities 

Most of the caregivers of Living Well also have taken advanced programs connected to health woes common to seniors. It includes caregiving for patients that have diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. 

They help in having a stress-free household. The convenience that live-in senior caregivers also offer benefits beyond their prime care recipients. In a sense, they also help immediate or family carers. How? 

It is through helping the carer by being responsible for the hygiene of the senior. Even if these are mainly relevant to the care recipient, it lessens work to do. Plus, it is significant to prevent health risks in the entire household.

For these reasons and more, in-home senior caregivers also help clients achieve a quality of life. The comfort of their companionship prevents stress but instead brings several benefits.

How Does Living Well Work for you?

Live-in caregivers can be everywhere. You can post an ad or ask for a referral from your acquaintances. An edge of Living Well as an agency is it covers several processes or problems you may encounter in receiving senior care. 

It sought a competent caregiver(s) for you. Living Well employs in-home aides and certified assistants, whom it selected through a thorough test and training. The company does these as it values to present live-in senior caregivers fit to serve seniors.

It supports overseeing the practices of your live-in senior care provider. Apart from training, Living Well also has a supervision process. For example, one of its staff members visits your place from time to time to check the service or practices of your caregiver. 

It can back you up and your in-home aides. To reiterate, the live-in senior caregiver is only one of the services at Living Well Home Care. In other words, it also offers respite or 24-hour care and other relevant services when you need them. These work in case your caregiver needs to take a day or week off. You need not worry about a reliever to assist your senior. Living Well can back you up to find a substitute or replacement.   

To find out more about how you get senior care conveniently, contact Living Well or visit their branch near you in Carolinas.