Home Health Care Near Me: Learn About Living Well Family Care

14 Jan 2022

Receiving care at your residence is possibly one of the choices you consider, but you can’t decide yet. Probably, a reason for that is you have no idea where dependable home health care is nearby your place. In that case, you may need to learn about Living Well Family Care, the home health care in the Carolinas.

A home health care near me?

Living Well Family Care can serve clients in the North Carolina Triad, which encompasses Greensboro, Burlington, Winston-Salem, and High Point. The young agency, established in 2017, also assists in Dillon, South Carolina.

The company’s concentration on the Carolinas makes it a dependable partner for your home health care. Here are some of the reasons:

We gather competent healthcare providers. Finding a professional with relevant experience and training takes a process to do. In addition, it also demands management to make them committed and satisfied at work. 

As a client of Living Well, you omit the hiring and training of the employees. We do those aspects for you already. Our home healthcare professionals have undergone an evaluation process. They also got our exclusive training about caregiving aside from the special programs they take from time to time. Most of our employees took training about dementia, diabetes, or Parkinson’s disease.

Moreover, Living Well has insured and certified nursing assistants for primarily health-related concerns. We also have in-home aides for personal care and other daily essential tasks.

We offer services to offer you comfort. Knowing the needs of in-home health care in the Carolinas, we make sure we provide help and comfort for our clients’ needs. And when it comes to choices, the services of Living Well vary and flexible can be any of the following:

  • Supplemental – Family carers don’t have to worry if they need to be out for errands or other urgent matters. We have care providers who can serve as relievers for hours or days. 
  • Short-term or long-term. If health concerns can be unpredictable, the care to provide should be flexible. In this sense, Living Well services are adaptable to the demands of the clients, whether these are for short-term or long-term care.   
  • 24/7 – In some cases, the care recipient’s needs require round-the-clock service. Typically, it depends on the condition or level of severity of a patient’s illness or injury. It is why we also offer 24/7 caregiving so that these patients can never go without caring companions. 
  • Others –

The home health care you need in North Carolina

Our nursing services alone cover the needed care for the various health concerns. And any of these are delivered by skilled nurses, who also get coordination and supervision from us through monitoring.

Injuries. We have services for the diverse types of injury that demand special care. It is why we provide care for the common injuries such as

  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Catastrophic Injury Care
  • Pulmonary Injury Care
  • Spinal Cord Injury Care

Along with these are our nurses’ assistance to tube feeding, wound care, tracheostomy, and ventilator. We even offer in-home care services for cancer patients.

Care for other conditions. Because of an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle, more and more individuals today develop chronic diseases such as diabetes. On the other hand, there are also individuals suffering from other conditions due to other factors. To help these patients, we also include care services for diabetes, seizure disorder, and more.