What’s the In-Home Care Services Cost?

19 May 2022

What's the In-Home Care Services Cost

A place called home is where you also feel comfortable, safe, and independent. You can do many things here for less expense that you cannot do in other venues. In-home care services also offer almost the same advantage. These allow you to get the assistance that provides support, safety, and a sense of independence at an affordable cost. Wonder what the in-home care services cost

Cost of in-home care services

Based on the Cost of Care Survey of Genthworth in 2018, the estimated cost of care in health care facilities is between $7,400 to $8,600 per month. On the other hand, home care is $4,385 on average per month. In 2021, Gentworth’s survey showed an increase in in-home care, which was attributed to the pandemic crisis. But it’s related to the protocols and additional requirements against Covid-19, like training and protective tools. 

 The 2021 survey shared its median cost is $61,776 per year or $5,148 per month for home health care. Meanwhile, the assistance concerning instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) mediant cost is $59,488 per year. IADLs include services like cooking or meal preparation, house cleaning, and shopping.

If in-home care’s cost is not inexpensive enough, insurance programs such as Medicaid and Medicare also honor receiving in-home care services for eligible applicants. Thus, the care support becomes more affordable with the addition of any or both insurance programs. 

The other factors that dictate the home care services costs are any of the following: 

  • State – cost of care support generally differs depending on policies and practices in a state. For example, in Washington and California, the home health assistance is higher. Moreover, Medicaid also depends on the state’s requirements or criteria.
  • Level of care needed – Is it an in-home aide or nurse to take charge? Ideally, the care provider assigned should be skilled in serving a client’s needs in caregiving. For example, a patient recovering from a severe injury needs a certified nursing assistant to help with medical-related tasks. Of course, the rate of a medical professional is different.

Moreover, the level of care is also pivotal for the other cost aspects. It dictates the number of hours and particular services to include.

The value of choosing in-home care services

What's the In-Home Care Services Cost

Seniors who need caregiving need not be in a difficult situation. Some may need to maintain medication and a healthy diet. The rest is a matter of doing activities with caution, particularly if one is experiencing problems in balance and mobility. An elder can possibly travel for shopping, visit friends, or do other leisurely activities with a caregiver. These don’t only make them physically active but also make them experience factors of the quality of life they want.  

Here are good points of in-home care, inclusive of the cost, to give you more ideas:

Individualized service – whether a client chooses one, a partner, or a team of caregivers (typical for 24/7 care), one thing remains—the patient-focused service. It is a vital support to address the individual care needs.

Receive caregiving any timein-home service providers are available for scheduled or urgent calls. They are also available for a few or extended hours for the care recipient. It also applies to family carers who want relievers when they need to go out.