Living Well Family Care Provides In-Home Care Services in Greensboro NC

30 May 2022

Having caregiving services at home is one of the preferred choices of most clients. Home care is an approved approach for seniors and patients who better not be stressed out by frequent travel. If you also prefer or need this, Living Well Family Care provides in-home services in Greensboro, NC

The much-needed services

Receiving care can be effortless if you have someone willing to offer aid. It is typical for most families to have an immediate caregiver. But somehow, getting help from a family carer makes a patient or relative feel uneasy. One reason for this is the thought that the carer also has other important things to take care of. Maybe it’s about the schooling of the kids, a stable job, or an opportunity too good to resist. What more if the caregiving is long-term and physically demanding. 

Note also that providing care requires physical stamina and emotional and mental strengths. In most cases, these capabilities translate into skills the caregiver should have. For example, a patient with an injury or post-operation treatment needs someone who knows medical-related training to offer aid effectively. Cases like this require close monitoring of vitals and strict nursing plans for faster recovery. Additionally, these also demand techniques and knowledge in utilizing tools.

Hence, in-home care services are helpful to satisfy the needs of care recipients and be a reliever for a family carer. 

Essential aspects of in-home care services

Living Well has in-home aides and certified nursing assistants ready to assist in activities of daily living (ADLs), respite care, and nursing. They went through a selected process and training programs in various techniques in caregiving. Moreover, most of Living Well’s care providers have training in assisting individuals with dementia, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease. 

  • The in-home aides are the support for ADLs and IADLs or Instrumental activities of daily living. ADLs involve the essential must-do daily like bathing, changing clothes, aiding in mobility, feeding, toileting, and more. Meanwhile, examples of IADLs are meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping, and running errands. The in-home aides of Living Well are not only trained for these. They also can do CPR and first aid in case of emergency. 
  • Certified in-home nursing services – if the medical condition or health is the primary concern, the in-home nurse assistants take charge. They have the skills and experience to provide care that is crucial to patients’ health. Generally, they are the ones to call. 
  • To assist a patient with a chronic disease like diabetes. Note that a diabetic patient needs to follow a strict diet plan and insulin.
  • To help treat an injury like the catastrophic, pulmonary, spinal cord, and the other types.
  •  Suiting care provider for a person with disrupting illness like seizure disorder
  • Support for the hospice care
  • And other medical-related concerns.

The flexibility in providing quality services– Living Well ensures it always sustains the high standards in caregiving. It is also ready to offer assistance for various scenarios, whether on a plan or urgent needs. With its employees, Living Well is prepared to offer round-the-clock and respite care. Learn more about Living Well home care agency.