In-Home Health Care in Burlington NC

4 Feb 2022

Sometimes people overlook it, but receiving health care can be effortless if you know who to call. And a good starting point for this is to look for a reputable company near you that offers the services you need. For instance, Living Well Family Care can assist clients in in-home health care in Burlington, NC

The reliable support next to you

Health is wealth, as most people say. And it’s incomparable to any asset in the world because it affects everything else in a person’s life. Thus, it is excellent to take care of yourself or your loved one’s health to experience a satisfying life. A way to do it when a patient cannot do it alone is to get in-home health care.

Living Well Family Care has been catering to health patients, seniors, persons with disabilities, and other care recipients ever since 2017. It has three stations in the Carolinas, including Burlington, to accommodate those who need and prefer receiving care in these areas. Living Well earns the trust of its clients because of its reliability that comes from factors such as: 

Efficient care providers – Living Well employees are thoroughly evaluated based on skills, work attitude, and other qualifications. Its certified nursing assistants have a wide range of capabilities. These are rooted in a passion for serving, which further develops through formal education and special training programs. Most of its employees even took particular classes about dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and others.

On top of these, the agency also employs strategies to keep them on track. It includes random and scheduled visits to clients’ homes to check the quality of work practices.

Inclusive in-home health care services. Living Well offers a wide range of services, from support to activities of daily living to caring for a patient’s health problems. The agency’s nursing services, in particular, provide long-term and short-term care support for patients suffering from diverse injury types, diabetes, seizure disorder, tracheotomy care, hospice, and more. 

Aside from these, every nurse of Living Well is collaborative to work with the client’s doctor. It is vital to make better progress in health, especially if the case is critical or sensitive. One good example of such is hospice care.

Hospice care is primarily for terminally ill patients. The focus here is to relieve them from symptoms or pain, also called palliation. Help the patient accept the condition and experience an emotional boost. Moreover, hospice care does not only support the patients. It also extends to their families that need emotional, spiritual, and other guidance. 

With these, hospice care involves different aspects and requires skills from a carer to be a reliable support for the patient. It is overwhelming if one is not a trained professional for this. 

Making complex things simple in-in-home health care

A step to make personalized support in health simple is to get in-home health care. In Burlington, NC, Living Well Family Care can make it easy to access for clients. 

With the agency’s capabilities, getting assistance on health care is a call or message away. It also has vast experience in serving patients in Burlington, which makes it a more dependable and knowledgeable in-home health care.