What Is The Average Cost Of 24-Hour Home Health Care?

10 Jun 2022

What Is The Average Cost Of 24-Hour Home Health Care?

Around-the-clock home health care is a practical option when a patient cannot be without an aide. But it seems like it has an over-the-top cost for many. It is a service that involves a partner or team of caregivers taking turns beyond the typical eight-hour work. Is it pricey or practical?  

The worth of 24-hour home health care 

Round-the-clock nursing or caregiving is not new in hospitals and healthcare facilities. The entire building houses medical professionals doing rounds to monitor their patients. However, staying in a hospital also means paying for expenses other than receiving care from nurses. Typically, it also includes billing for staying in a room per day. 

24-hour home health care is different since patients’ private wards can be their bedrooms, or their whole houses can be their customized healthcare facilities. Without paying for a room per day, a patient may assume that 24-hour home health care cost is lower than its counterpart. Does it? 

In reality, finding the average cost of 24-home health care can be tricky. It differs from state to state and has several factors, so checking the standard rate in one’s area is sensible. Add the fact that some State governments can lower or zero the expense if they have a related program. 

On the other hand, Gentworth’s Cost of Survey 2021 shows that the national median cost of health care aides is $27 per hour. Thus, it’s around $648 in 24 hours. On a per-state level, it can be higher or lower depending on one’s salary rate. In 2020 alone, the hourly rate of home health care in Washington was $31 or $23,027 monthly. Meanwhile, it’s only $22 per hour or $16,017 per month in Texas.

Other cost factors are the type of care provider involved and the service level. An example of a home health aide is the Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). Typically, CNAs with a solid background and specialized training ask for a higher salary. 

What can you get in 24/7 home health care?

Although the cost of around-the-clock home health care is comparable to other options, it stays a viable choice. It offers priceless benefits for many, like the following:

What can you get in 24/7 home health care?

Be with family and friends – There is nothing like home, especially if you’re away for too long. It is where your loved ones reside, and your treasures are stored. Moreover, patients feel more at ease and independent in their abodes. It’s far from feeling homesick or isolated when they’re far away from their families.

Be with a patient-centered companion – An edge of 24-hour home health care is it provides aides that only focus on one patient. Their full attention guarantees prompt solutions and strengthens the nursing approach to the patient’s condition. It also prevents problems like accidental falls and infection spread, which are common issues in healthcare facilities.

Be at ease and secured – If having a caregiver during the day makes a family carer feel at ease. What more if it’s 24-hour home health care? You can expect that a patient has qualified professionals taking turns to provide the necessary support. It is a team that ensures there’s less or no way the patient has no reliable care provider.