Senior Home Near Me: Learn About Our Senior Home Care Services

3 Jan 2022

Everyone wants a luxurious home for their senior parents. Finding the best living environment for them is what you need to do as a responsible family member. 

All the senior citizen’s dream of living a life that ensures maximum comforts. To them, it is a matter of utmost priority that there is someone around them who listens to them and looks after their day-to-day needs. They want to live with the dignity that belongs to the senior citizens.

Most of the nursing home options lack the overall quality that a senior would like to enjoy in their retirement years. 

This blog will solve your problem to find the best living option for senior citizens.

What are senior home services near me?

There are three basic types of senior citizen homes services in the U.S. They are independent living, assisted living, and nursing homes. 

Independent living is considered a safe and friendly environment for a senior to live on his or her own. It includes various activities and services that help the senior to stay independent.

Assisted living is designed for older people who need some assistance with personal care but they don’t need total medical attention.

Nursing homes are a good choice for people who are in physical or mental pain and require constant monitoring to get better. A nursing home is not for a person who wants to be in a community setting and does not want intensive care.

While senior homes all offer various benefits and services, the one which a senior citizen shall choose of the three is dependent on the specific needs of the senior citizen and their family.

With the competitive industry of home care services, seniors should find service providers which suit their needs. 

These service providers are normally located near their homes, which gives them comfort and confidence that they can easily reach them. One senior home service provider you can count on is Living Well Family Care.

Our Services

Home care is an important aspect of senior care. We offer services to ensure your loved ones are safe and secure at home. Our caregivers will ensure the home is structurally sound and the seniors are enjoying their home.


Bathing, dressing, grooming, and hygiene

Mobility, turning, and positioning assistance

Bed and tub transfers

Toileting and incontinence

Feeding and special diet

Safe ambulation

Vital sign monitoring

Prescribed exercise assistance


Meal preparation

Medication reminders

Errand and shopping services

Laundry and light housekeeping

Home management services

Appointment scheduling

Incidental transportation services


Companionship and emotional support

Mental exercise and stimulation

Telephone reassurance

Planned/emergency respite care or relief for family

24-hour care


Diabetes Care

Traumatic Brain Injury Care

Medication and Insulin Administration

Wound Care

Hospice Care

Tube Feeding

Tracheotomy Care

Catastrophic Injury Care

Pulmonary Injury Care

Ventilator Care

Spinal Cord Injury Care

Seizure Disorder Care


You really want to make sure that you are taking care of yourself and your loved ones in a way where you can all be comfortable with the living situation. A good idea is to make sure that the senior home services that you are using are reputable, and a great way to find out if they are reputable is to read reviews online.

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