We Provide In-Home Services for Seniors

6 Sep 2021

Every day is a challenge to stay at home when you need to take care of almost everything, and then you can’t entirely perform the much-needed tasks. The sight of piles of clothes, an empty refrigerator, and unkempt rooms seem like a usual view. A solution to this is for the elderly to get the support that would be a reliable in-home aide. In North Carolina, you can find that help from Living Well Family Care as we provide in-home services for seniors.

Be free from inconvenience

Often some people perceive in-home senior care as a mere alternative to staying in the assisted living facility. While the main idea is to bring essential caregiving to one’s home, it also comes with other benefits for an elder. Living Well Family Care, a reputable home care agency in North and South Carolina. Parts of providing services that also help them feel comfortable staying at home include the following: 

  • Laundry 
  • Light housekeeping 
  • Errand and shopping services 
  • Home management services 
  • Incidental transportation services 

Get assistance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Our in-home aides may not be non-medical professionals, but they can still help seniors prevent illnesses. 

  • Appointment scheduling. While it is like any ordinary task, appointments such as doctor or hospital visits are valuable to keep seniors in check. Not skipping it may mean prevention and early detection of a health problem.
  • Medication reminders. The effectiveness of a medicine or treatment cannot only be due to its brand. It is also about how a patient religiously drinks the correct dose on time. For the seniors, though, it is difficult to do since they may have trouble remembering or no urge to do it. 

In this sense, the support of Living Well caregivers can encourage and help elders to continue their medication punctually. Indeed, even the emotional and mental stimulation that they can offer can be pivotal for this matter.

  • Good hygiene. To prevent illnesses, you also have to avoid their causes. And typically, a common trigger of mild or severe is poor hygiene. It is why bathing, dressing, and brushing teeth are essential. These not only help someone to look pleasant but also feel good. Bathing alone is refreshing and rinses out dirt, stress, and irritation. Plus, it also flushes unwanted elements like bacteria or viruses.

Living Well caregivers treat maintaining good hygiene as a significant responsibility. Aside from their help in body care, our aides assist in keeping the environment of a senior. Some of the hygiene-related works they can do are laundry and light housekeeping.

Other significant factors of our in-home services

Overall, quality senior care is what we always aim for in our in-home services. To achieve this, we are determined to engage competent and caring aides. Living Well home care staff members had different training programs that made them prepared and skilled care providers. Most of them took senior-related programs that include special education on dementia or Parkinson’s disease. They are also certified knowledgeable in giving first aid and CPR.

Another point in our in-home services is our commitment to empowering our help in-home aides. We do this through comprehensive caregiving support training and monitoring. The latter involves a certified nurse doing scheduled or random visits to monitor the works of a caregiver. If you need in-home care services for seniors in Burlington, Greensboro, and nearby areas, don’t hesitate to contact us.