Home Care Assistance And 24 hrs Nurse Help By Living Well Home Care

19 Oct 2021

Life is full of unexpected challenges that sometimes you must switch back and forth on a type of care support. It is why the home care assistance and 24-hour nurse help provided by Living Well Home Care are ideal for the residents in Carolinas.

The capabilities of Living Well

Since 2017, Living Well Home Care has been offering in-home and nursing assistance in Carolinas. And through the years, the company grew its capabilities to serve its clientele better. Let us focus on how good it is for providing home care assistance and 24 hours nurse help services.

Flexibility. Having groups of qualified care providers make Living Well flexible to cater to diverse needs in-home care. For example, a client can change to getting 24-hour nursing assistance from home care support to treat an injured patient. If fully recovered, the client can switch back to home care support.

This feature is also ideal for a family with different demands for their members. For instance, an in-home caregiver is best to assist a grandmother in day-to-day essentials like bathing and light housekeeping. It is the same for a child who may have no companion for hours or a day. For another elder who cannot be left behind due to a health condition, nursing help is the ideal support.

Agility. Emergencies happen, so do other unexpected circumstances. In this manner, you need to get quick support to take care of yourself, your elder, or your loved one. Getting a carer is good, but it is great if the one who provides service is also competent. 

With the capabilities of Living Well in terms of care providers and services, you get top-notch support as soon as possible. You would be less worried whether you need home care assistance or 24-hour nurse help instantly.   

Reliability. All of our employed home care assistance and nursing help underwent tests to check their skills and qualifications. They equally manage well, so they are pleased to offer care support. One process we execute to supervise and ensure they uphold the best practices is through regular monitoring. It is an activity headed by our nurse who visits their workplaces at different times.

Choosing between home care assistance and 24 hours nursing help

It is ideal for clients to determine the necessities and preferences of their care recipients. From this, it is easy to decide which in-home care assistance and 24 hours nursing help to choose. 

In terms of 24 hours nursing help, a care recipient must get quality care support even if it is a round-a-clock service. To ensure 24-hour care, a team of nursing assistants comprises two or three members who come in. If it is two, each one has 12 hours each to serve. Meanwhile, a team of three has an 8-hour shift per member. 

The change of working shift gives each staff a rest, which ensures energy and alertness. The number of care providers also guarantees round-a-clock companionship for the care recipient. It differs from a live-in caregiver who needs to take a break for a couple of hours and get a day off(s) one to two days a week.