Care In Homes by Local Nurses

16 Sep 2021

A patient with a disease or injury typically requires immediate treatment and confinement in the hospital for a while. Eventually, if the case has become stable, the patient will be just confined for maintenance or recovery. It is the usual scenario. Another possible setup is to receive care at home. If you or your loved one prefer the latter or receive care in homes by local nurses, Living Well Family Care can help you in Carolinas.

Difference and importance nursing assistants

Generally, caregivers offer assistance for activities of daily living. It involves personal care like bathing, eating, medication reminders, and mobility support. They may also perform light housekeeping, laundry, errands, and other tasks for their care recipients. But when clients have health concerns, it is fitting to get certified nursing assistants instead.   

For example, a grandfather has an injury, and he needs ventilator care and tube feeding. The care provider, then, must be adept at handling the medical tools and medication involved. Incompetence and negligence in the process of administering treatment can be risky. Moreover, nursing a patient is not only about providing the correct dosage of medicine or treatment. Patients also become moody, irritable, or not responding well to the medication. If an aide has limited or no adequate skills, any nursing plans will go in vain. 

Your nursing services in Carolinas

Receiving care in homes by local nurses in North or South Carolina could be effortless when you tap the nursing services of Living Well. We provide insured and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) by scheduled or for emergencies. 

Moreover, each of our CNAs and in-home aides (IHAs) has certifications to administer CPR and first aid. Each one also took an evaluation process that proved their backgrounds, skills, or qualifications to serve clients. Most of our nursing assistants took training programs too that enriched their knowledge in caregiving support. Plus, we supervise their work by visiting their workplaces. 

Our nursing services provide support for the following injury types: 

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Care
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Catastrophic Injury Care
  • Pulmonary Injury Care
  • Spinal Cord Injury Care

Plus, our nursing assistants offer caregiving support for clients with the following concerns:  

Diabetes Care. In the National Diabetes Statistics Report 2020 of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it came out that 88 million American adults have prediabetes. Out of this figure are the 24.2 million aged 65 years or older people. Meanwhile, the total of Americans with diabetes is 34.2 million, and 7.3 million from this number are undiagnosed.  

Nursing services for diabetic clients are what Living Well can provide. And part of diabetes care is the medication and insulin administration. 

Hospice care. Caregiving support for patients with terminal illnesses can be overwhelming. It is not only heartbreaking for the patients, their families, and friends. For this reason, hospice care is essential to provide for them. And through our skilled nursing assistants, hospice care is possible to administer at the home of a care recipient. 

 Seizure Disorder Care. The uncontrollable changes in action, behavior, and consciousness of a patient make the seizure disorder challenging to handle. Thus, a care provider should have the expertise to give fast and efficient responses whenever a patient needs support. And we are proud to say that these are the qualities of our nursing assistants. 

Whether you need senior care services in Burlington, Greensboro, or the nearby areas, you can count on us at Living Well Home Care Agency.