At Your Service with 24-Hour In-Home Care for the Elderly

14 Sep 2021

As they say, life goes on even when facing a challenging situation. It is the same with caregiving for elders. As much as you can, you will put everything else to provide support. But of course, there are things you cannot address. And pushing yourself to the limit, be it as a self-help patient or immediate caregiver, can be unhealthy in the end. When you need caregiving support, planned or emergency, Living Well Family Care is at your service with 24-hour in-home care for the elderly.

If something comes up like a medical emergency or problem, we have a respite care service for you. 

Because emergency strikes anytime, our respite care is also available on demand. It also means whether you schedule the caregiving support or just arranged it immediately, you can count on that our agency is open to assist you.

Generally, respite care is for family carers who need relievers when they need to do something else away from their care recipients. They can ask for caregiving support for a few hours, a day, or a week. The flexibility in this service is helpful, so they have nothing to worry about even if they need to extend their break. 

If you need help with tasks that you are incapable of doing, we can serve you anytime. 

There are hard to do chores because you have no time and energy to accomplish them. In some cases also, you cannot carry out some tasks because of your limited knowledge. It can be because it is problematic when you do. Let’s say you cannot carry because of the care recipient that is taller than you. You cannot stand housekeeping or house management because dust and dirt trigger your allergic rhinitis. Perhaps, you tend to be forgetful or disorganized, which affects your ability to do essential tasks for your elders.

Our in-house aides are ready to provide support for essential activities of daily living, which includes:

  • meal preparation 
  • feeding
  • prescribed exercises
  • taking medicine on time
  • vital sign monitoring
  • bathing and grooming 
  • setting up appointments

For non-personal care, our care providers can do errands and shopping services, incidental transportation, safe ambulation, and more.

If you seek support for sensitive and crucial caregiving needs, you can call or message us. 

Some elders do not only require assistance for their mobility. Others demand a high level of support, particularly when they have injuries or diseases. Moreover, care providers with advanced skills should better handle these cases. It is where our nursing assistants step in to provide necessary caregiving support. 

They should be the ones who can do tube feeding, medication and insulin administration, ventilator, and wound care with ease. And take note, the type and level of care matter depending on the injury or disease of the patient. For example, hospice care requires close coordination with a doctor and following a nursing plan.

If this is the concern of your elder, you can count on our nursing assistant(s). Our nursing services cover care for traumatic brain, spinal cord, catastrophic, or pulmonary injury. We can also offer caregiving assistance for seniors with diabetes, seizure disorder, and more.