In-Home Senior Caregivers Serving Greensboro

3 Sep 2021

Caring for seniors at home has numerous advantages and demands. Their vulnerable health due to declining strength or suffering from illnesses requires care providers to be holistically capable of providing support. It is wise then to get help from a reputable company of in-home caregivers for senior care. And in Greensboro, there is Living Well Family Care to help you with in-home care.

The In-Home Caregiver for Your Senior

There are several reasons to get elderly in-home services in Greensboro NC. However, you have to find a trusted provider. Well Family Care, a home caregiving agency, has been serving Greensboro since 2017. It employed caregivers who:

  • went through assessment and background check
  • got exclusive training about an efficient way of providing in-home care
  • took specialized education to handle senior clients with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia

On top of these are the senior care services, which encompass giving support for the must-do on time every day like personal care and activities of daily living (ADLs).

Personal Care

Bathing and toileting may not require much work for adults. However, for most seniors, these demand effort. Sometimes even just walking towards the comfort room can be difficult for them. Problems with mobility can take a toll on their daily activities and make them prone to accidents. For this reason, the top priority of Living Well in-home caregiving is to assist elders in moving or transferring whenever they want. Our caregivers also know safe ambulation or incidental transportation. 

Support to do personal care is, of course, not only for the physical aspect but for the total well-being of the seniors. Taking care of it affects their mood and self-esteem, as well as a chance to prevent getting sick. Eating and taking medicine on time, plus regular vital sign monitor is helpful to keep them well.

Daily Living

Our in-home caregivers are also keen on doing support that brings benefits for their care recipients. It can be appointments for medical check-ups, so their seniors visit and meet their doctors regularly. House chores that help maintain a clean environment like light housekeeping and laundry. Moreover, they can also carry out errands like shopping. 

Aside from helping with chores that can be impossible or too much for a senior, our caregivers are essential for family carers. Having them at home assures their elders have clean clothes to wear and a healthful environment. Plus, assistance in errands or shopping ensures a stock of food and house supplies for their elders.  

Serving Seniors in Greensboro

Living Well Family Care does not only focus on providing in-home caregivers in Greensboro. We also manage how they can serve better through different approaches. One method we perform is to visit their workplaces randomly and routinely. Our registered nurse does this to see and help them. 

We also make sure to listen to the kind and level of service that a senior needs. We recognize that each one has unique care requirements. In this manner, we match each demand with the fit in-home caregiver or right caregiving strategy. Additionally, Living Well can provide hourly or round-the-clock and emergency or scheduled respite care