Elderly In-Home Care in Greensboro NC

2 Oct 2021

Sometimes when seniors have no illness and problems with mobility, they look just fine with everything. However, it is essential to be sensitive to their emotions, like they also feel awkward or impatient even when getting help. Unlike other care recipients, they do not simply take requests or reminders from others. Therefore, their caregivers should have traits and training on how to serve them well. In Greensboro, NC, you can find these care providers through Living Well Family Care. It is the agency for elderly in-home care. 

Being carers of seniors

Because of their increasing physical limitations, it is easy to assume that providing care for elders requires only support in mobility. Because they are always left alone and forgetful, carers should focus only on being good listener companions. The thing about caregiving is it is not as simple as accomplishing usual chores. With the involvement of a dear person, a carer need not only have the idea of what to do. It is also necessary to have the right attitude and skills to provide them care efficiently. 

Living Well Family Care does not only have comprehensive services. It also aims to provide comforting and quality home care support for elders in Greensboro. We make sure our agency of caregivers is united in serving that purpose. More importantly, we are qualified to offer senior care. 

Our Greensboro caregivers are either in-home aides (INAs) or certified nursing assistants (CNAs). All of them experienced an assessment process that checked their background and core competencies. They attended training, including a caregiver support program for the employees of Living Well Family Care only. Clients can expect that they are certified to administer first aid and CPR. Moreover, they know universal precautions and blood-borne pathogens. Most of our care providers also took training programs about dementia and Parkinson’s disease.  

To ensure they have a guide and are always in check-in providing home care, we have a registered nurse who visits them by schedule or at random manner. 

Living Well in-home care providers for the elderly in Greensboro NC

Design to fit the needs of seniors in Greensboro, the caregivers of Living Well are: 

Mindful of safety. Our caregivers are not only about performing tasks. They also keep in mind how to make the elders always safe at all costs. It is part of their aid in personal care and daily activities. Thus, clients can expect bathing and mobility support with caution. There should be no instances of falls.

Sensitive to the wants of seniors. As a home care agency, we assess the level of caregiving needs of our clients. However, it does not only stop there. We are also considering their likes and dislikes. For example, our caregiver respects if an elder likes to maintain independence or privacy while getting help.

Value the health of elders. An issue on mobility and memory are only some of the typical concerns of seniors. There could be other problems that need to be taken care of in their health. 

For these reasons, our in-home aides are attentive to prevent elders from being sick. It is part of how they do tasks like meal preparation, medication reminders, setting an appointment, vital sign monitoring, and more.