In-Home Care Services For Seniors

26 Nov 2021

Even if they are deemed vulnerable, many elders live up to 80 to 90 years because of satisfying quality of life. One key is to have reliable assistance that provides them in-home care services for seniors.   

In reality, many severe health concerns are no more for the aging population. Even younger ones suffer from stroke, cancer, diabetes, and injury because of unhealthy lifestyles and negligence. However, some medical issues are harder to combat as someone ages because of the changes in the body. Nevertheless, there is still a way to slow down the development or treat the illness. If they can take better care of their health, it is highly possible. 

Eat on time and follow a healthy diet. Ingesting nutritious food and enough water is always recommended. But for elders suffering from an illness, cooking and meal prepping are not that easy. Sometimes they may not even eat on time or grab unhealthy food. 

One of the main tasks of in-home caregivers is to assist seniors in following the recommended diet plan. They can do meal preparation and feed seniors on time. Caregivers of Living Well Family Care also do these. They also do shopping and errand services to complement the needed work to follow the diet plan.

In-Home Care Services For Seniors

Regular personal hygiene. Bathing, grooming, washing hands, and brushing teeth are basic personal hygiene. Elders should do these regularly to avoid sickness and more significant issues.

Take, for example, the oral problem periodontitis. This severe case of gum infection can cause health complications aside from tooth loss. It is a rarely discussed topic, but oral problems like this are one of the seniors’ common concerns. It starts from gingivitis, which is not brushing teeth daily, and regular dental cleaning can trigger. Thus, it is recommended to visit a dentist every six months to thoroughly clean teeth and gums. It ensures oral health is always in check.

Overall, maintaining regular hygiene can’t be easy for elders because of mobility problems. Sometimes it is also due to the declining cognitive ability that they forget to do personal care. Things can be a lot lighter with in-home care services for seniors as caregivers assist their care recipients in doing their daily living activities. 

Keep surroundings always clean. Sickness can also be because of an environmental factor. Some of the risky factors for health are unclean surroundings. A space full of dirt and mold can also mean a place filled with microbes. These tiny harmful elements that populate in dirty surroundings can cause infectious diseases. 

These diseases can lead to severe problems like influenza and pneumonia with their vulnerable immune systems. For others, microbes can worsen respiratory conditions like asthma.

On the other hand, cleaning tasks are daunting and dangerous for seniors. For these reasons, in-home care services are best to ensure they have clean space. Living Well caregivers can do light housekeeping, laundry, and even home management services in this aspect.

These three are only some factors that make in-home care for seniors beneficial to clients. You may know more about how you or your elder can get help by contacting Living Well Family Care. The home care agency can serve you in South and North Carolina.