In-Home Senior Care Services: We Will Treat Your Loved One Like Family

11 Nov 2021

Among our social connections, we treat our family members differently. We value their welfare, so we assist them in the best way we can. Living Well Family Care can relate to this. Our company offers dependable assistance through our services like in-home senior care because we value the well-being of our clients. In this sense, you can count on us that we will treat your loved one like family with our in-home senior care services.

The dependable companion

It is not a question when a family member automatically helps when a senior requires assistance. Moreover, a family carer would not hesitate to exert effort for the sake of the care recipient. 

Similarly, the service of caregivers is to be dutiful companions. Their commitment is valuable as their assistance has a ripple effect on the well-being of care recipients. First, they can be the one or support of family carers when there is an emergency. On top of this, in-home caregivers are helping to keep the physical, emotional, mental, and social aspects of elders in a fit state. 

For these reasons, our caregivers are trained and get constant supervision. These extensive engagements are significant to ensure they assist the elders, who they treat as the extension of their families. It is also why they give importance to the following:  

  • Help seniors achieve good hygiene through assisting in changing clothes, bathing, toileting, and more. 
  • Aim a healthy environment for care recipients through services such as light housekeeping, laundry, and more.
  • Ensure care recipients eat their meals and take their medicine on time. Living Well Caregivers also perform vital sign monitoring, meal preparation, and appointment setting.
  • Assist in times of emergencies by administering CPR and first aid, as well as carrying out services like incidental transportation  
  • Render comfort for seniors, and their carers, all the time through home management, errands, and more.

How Living Well can treat your loved one

Our caregivers experienced a selection process before being part of Living Well. The evaluation determined their qualifications as reliable providers of in-home senior care services. Part of it is also evaluating their attitude and performance as caregivers. Because we consider our clients like our family members, our employees also: 

Strive to be experts in senior care. Our in-home elder care nurses and employees went to different training programs before and when they became part of Living Well. These include our exclusive caregiver support program and advanced training in medical conditions common to seniors like dementia.

Aim to be team players in serving elders. Living Well exceeds the standards for a home care agency. One key of our company to accomplish this is ensuring our employees are in sync in offering best practices. We do this by continuous supervision and monitoring of their performance. We have staff who do visit our employees in their workplaces.  

Because of their usual problems with mobility and senses, it is understandable why elders need to stay in assisted living facilities. At least, in these places, they have regular support for their daily activities. However, it is not the only option for a senior to find a reliable companion. There is a home care agency like Living Well that provides in-home aides.