In-Home Care Services Near Me: We Service Greensboro, Burlington, and Beyond

8 Apr 2022

Professional home care services in Greensboro

At Living Well Family Care, our aim is to assist persons in Greensboro, NC, and the surrounding Triad area with family-centered and trustworthy home care services. Our mission is to deliver high-quality home care to those in greatest need. We assist people in remaining in their homes as they age, giving them the richness of life and peace of mind that comes with being at home. They do, however, require assistance with a number of daily duties and obligations associated with living independently with a disability or as they age. Our Greensboro home care aides assist our customers in regaining their independence and self-esteem, as well as maintaining relationships with family and friends.

Extraordinary process

Our tailored approach to homecare qualifies our services for any assistance or care need. We understand that diverse health and mental conditions require unique methods, which is why our home care services are designed to address these scenarios and respond with a customized strategy regardless of the homecare demands.

At Living Well Family Care, we offer a variety of non-medical home care services. Among the home care services we provide are the following:

We are now licensed for RNs and LPNs 

The qualified Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses at Living Well Family Care are prepared to assist with medication administration, wound care, ventilator and tracheostomy care, and much more. Private duty nursing has been shown to make a significant difference for patients who are discharged from the hospital and wish to remain at home as long as feasible. Certain customers combine nursing care with that of a non-medical nursing assistant.

Assistance with personal care

In-home personal care service offered by Living Well Family Care is ideal for persons who have mobility challenges. Our skilled in-home caregivers will assist with bathing, dressing, grooming, and personal hygiene.

Professionals from Living Well Family Care are skilled in mobility and positioning support, as well as assisting individuals in and out of their beds, bathtub, and assistance with toilet use. Our homecare staff assists patients with food preparation and consumption, as well as with adhering to particular diets, such as those for diabetics. Additionally, our in-home care professionals assist with vital sign monitoring, such as heart rate, pulse, and blood pressure. We can aid with exercise prescriptions such as walking, low-impact physical activity, fitness routines, and physical therapy routines.

Companion respite care

Our skilled home care workers at Living Well Family Care truly care about our clients. They are outstanding at providing companionship and emotional support, as well as telephone reassurance. At Living Well Family Care, we believe that good health encompasses more than physical fitness and capability. Additionally, it encompasses a sound intellect and emotional equilibrium. Our Greensboro homecare workers assist customers by engaging them in conversation and testing their mental acuity. Apart from providing mental stimulation, our home care providers employ these approaches to determine whether the client is in a healthy state of mind and thinking clearly. Mental response, or the lack thereof, may indicate the onset of a significant medical problem, such as a stroke or heart attack. Our skilled home care providers are trained to recognize the symptoms of various illnesses and to respond effectively and professionally.

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