Advantages Of Having An In-Home Nurse Service

18 Apr 2022

Providing support for someone is a simple act of compassion or love. However, in situations like severe injury or chronic disease, you need help to assist in your mission. One of the suggestions for this is to get an in-home nurse service, which offers convenient healthcare aid.  

To give you more ideas, here are the advantages of in-home nurse service over the other options: 

Get professional help – When a problem or demand is medical-related, the person in charge should also have a background in the medical field. First and foremost, nursing patients require knowledge and training to properly handle severe conditions or critical tasks. 

Moreover, in-home nurses also underwent evaluation processes and training programs that make them well-oriented in serving patients. 

Enjoy convenience. Getting service from an in-home nurse means receiving care support at a patient’s abode. No need to travel to a hospital or facility. No need to wait in line if there are many other patients. A client can avail of in-home nurse service in a more flexible preferred schedule.

Moreover, an in-home nurse can provide support for a few hours, for an entire day, or round-the-clock to administer medication and other health care routines. 

Reduce expenses – Based on Genworth’s Cost of Survey in 2020, in-home nurse service costs $4,400 per month. Meanwhile, staying in a nursing home demands $8,821 monthly or $105,850 yearly. Besides the upfront charge, in-home nurse service is also budget-friendly if we consider the amount saved from transportation and other fees related to hospital visits. Moreover, getting an in-home nurse from an agency also saves you from the expense and effort of hiring a private nurse.

On the other hand, the price of in-home nurse service typically goes up if the level of support is high. Hence, if a patient’s condition is considered low or moderate, the cost of service is also inexpensive. 

Receive support almost any time. In-home services are possible to provide 24/7 or lesser hours or days. These also can be obtained in urgent, ordinary, or scheduled ways. This flexibility is a feature of companies like Living Well Family Care because it has many in-home nurses on its team. Thus, clients also have options to choose from and need not worry when they need support.

Obtain a client-centric service – Another remarkable advantage of an in-home nurse service are it is feasible to offer one-to-one and customizable assistance.  

The one-to-one type of support delivers reliability in addressing distinct needs. For example, an in-home nurse is responsible for properly executing the nursing plan. Its full attention keeps a patient always safe and healthy. Additionally, in-home nurses can see and seek solutions to avoid risks like accidental falls and the spread of infection.

Another benefit of in-home nurse service is it promotes the well-being of patients. With the nurse’s help, they can stay at home to be with their loved ones. They also can remain in an environment that is comforting and make them enjoy a sense of independence. 

If you want to know more and experience the advantages of in-home nurse service in the Carolinas, you may contact any of the Living Well Family Care’s hotlines. The company is more than glad to serve you.