24-Hour In-Home Care: We Take Care of your Family When You Need Us

11 Sep 2021

Taking care of a loved one can be tiring not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. What more if you have to do this round-a-clock? It is why a 24-hour in-home care provider like what Living Well Family Care offers can help you. We can take care of your family when you need us to do all day long. 

What does it mean to receive 24-hour in-home care? 

As its name indicates, 24-hour in-home care means an unceasing time of support for a senior or patient. The significant part of this, as opposed to a live-in caregiver, is the number of people involved to offer support. In this service, there are two or three shifting caregivers who fulfill the 24-hour care setup. Thus, it is 12 hours each for two or 8 hours each for three care providers. 

There are several reasons to get elderly services. But what family members can benefit from a 24-hour home care setup? Why and when has it become utmost necessary?

Naturally, any person requires ample rest time to recuperate energy. In a real sense, it is seven to eight hours of sleep per day. In a week, there should be a day when an adult goes outside the house. The reason for it can be to buy food items or to enjoy a pampering outdoor treat. The thing is, whenever a family carer or caregiver takes a much-needed rest, it could also signify an absence of assistance for a cared person.   

The length of the break is crucial, especially for people like seniors. Their mobility issues can cause falls or accidents, so they need round-a-clock aid to keep them healthy and safe. It is the same with patients with injury or sickness who require night and day medication. 

On the other hand, 24-hour home care also eases the family members of a care recipient in many ways like the following: 

  • It is one of the best alternatives to an assisted living facility. With well-covered types of support all day long, seniors can get comfort at home. Knowing these provides peace of mind and a chance for their families to keep them close.   
  • It allows relative carers, providers, and other members to do their activities without worry. For a family carer who is also a provider for the needs of an elder or patient, caregiving can be tough to carry out every single day. On top of it, being physically draining, focus on caregiving can mean time away from other loved ones, as well as stress to juggle everything.  

            With the help of 24-hour home care, family carers will be at ease since there is a team of caregivers to look after their seniors. 

Why get 24-hour home care services from Living Well Family Care? 

Our in-home aides (IHAs) or certified nursing assistants are competent to carry out caregiving services. They experienced an evaluation test before becoming part of the Living Well Family Care agency. Moreover, they also underwent training programs that prepared them to be reliable assistance to our clients. Some even took specialized programs that trained them better to take care of seniors with Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

Living Well caregivers not only offer support for physical activities. They also provide emotional and mental stimulation that is consoling for care recipients. 

Learn more about our 24-hour care, call or email us about your inquiries.