Learn About Our Senior Living & In-Home Care Services In Burlington NC

16 Nov 2021

Senior living lifestyle does not mean being confined to a corner or having a sedentary lifestyle. People look forward to their retirement age, wherein they can spend more time for their families and passions. But if they have mobility issues and maintenance, does it mean they should set aside or forget about their desired retirement life? Learn about our senior living and in-home care services in Burlington, NC, and know how we can help you or your elder.  

In-home care services that fit for senior living

One thing that seniors look forward to is being with their family members, especially their grandchildren. But they may have limited opportunities to do this if they stay in assisted living facilities. 

In-home care services of Living Well Family Care, on the other hand, assist elders bond with their children, grandchildren, and friends often. They can continue residing in their house where they can socialize with them anytime. What’s more, in-home care services allow them to continue doing activities independently. Maybe it’s gardening, crafting, or animal petting.  

Our caregivers do mobility, positioning, and transferring support so elders do activities they can. These also translate as having pleasurable activities like playing board games with their friends at the park. Or maybe stroll around the neighborhood to have some exercise.

Aside from these, in-home senior services are also beneficial because of the following: 

Maintain personal care. The core of home care is to ensure seniors have assistance to perform and accomplish daily essentials for their well-being. Thus, our caregivers are attuned to help elders

  • To eat and take medicine on time
  • To groom and change clothes regularly 
  • To bathe and toileting 
  • And to do more 

Keep their health in check. Care providers are also excellent assistance for seniors to avoid being sick or unwell. Living Well in-home aides can do 

  • Monitor vital signs
  • Prepare meals based on recommended diet, 
  • set appointments like visits to a doctor
  • Have safe ambulation
  • Maintain hygiene and cleanliness 

Concerning these, Living Well also has services such as light housekeeping and laundry. These are aside from shopping and errands, home management, and incidental transportation. 

A trusted assistant. Companionship is one of the valuable support that caregivers can give. And you can count on that support that your elder also has from Living Well in-home aides.

Our caregivers not only keep seniors accompanied but make them feel they have company all the time. They offer emotional support and mental exercise to keep them busy. 

In-home care providers for elders from Living Well

Learn About Our Senior Living & In-Home Care Services In Burlington NC

Having a caregiver to support elders is beneficial but seeking one may not be as easy as 123. If you do it yourself, you need to depend first on referrals or ad posting. Then, you need to go through the hiring process that includes hours of interviews and verifying information. If the one you hire quits or does not fit, you need to do the entire process again. 

The Living Well Home Care agency unloads this burden from our clients. We do the selection process to filter qualified in-home aides for our clients like the elders. On top of this, we ensure they are certified and trained as care providers. 

Learn more about how we can help your elders in Burlington, NC. Contact us at (336) 270-3740.