Senior Home Care Near Me: Living Well Family Care Senior Services

10 Jan 2022

With a growing aging population, senior care is an increasingly important topic. We’re all going to be older one day and our parents are going to need someone to look after them. But, who’ll look after them?

Seniors can live independently, safely, and securely in their homes for as long as possible. Home care for seniors and the elderly are not only affordable, but it can also help seniors live independently for as long as possible. As a caregiver, you need to find the best services for your senior loved ones. This blog will talk about senior home care near you.

Why do you need senior care services?

As the aging population continues to grow, the need for senior care is increasing. More and more people are suffering from chronic illnesses, which often lead to debilitating diseases that require assistance. 

This is where assistant care comes into play. While not everyone needs assistance, a lot of people wish they would have started sooner. There are many different kinds of care you can provide to your loved ones. Depending on their health and living situation, they might prefer assistance to live in a facility, or they might require assisted living in their own homes. 

Either way, you can help keep your aging parents safe and healthy.

Our services at Living Well Family Care


Living Well Family Care is pleased to offer our exclusive Family CareWatchTM service. This is a program that provides peer and family assistance as well as local or distant family communication for our clients and their families. 

We recognize that family members will be concerned about their loved ones’ health and well-being, which is why we provide caregiver counseling and education to family members. 

Additionally, we provide family members with home care coordination services to aid families in navigating both our services and the services their loved one may require.


The in-home personal care service offered by Living Well Family Care is ideal for persons who have mobility challenges. Our skilled in-home caregivers will assist with bathing, grooming, dressing, and personal hygiene.


Our skilled home care workers at Living Well Family Care truly care about our clients. They are outstanding at providing companionship and emotional support, as well as telephone reassurance. At Living Well Family Care, we believe that good health encompasses more than physical fitness and capability. Additionally, it encompasses a sound intellect and emotional equilibrium. Our Greensboro homecare workers assist customers by engaging them in conversation and testing their mental acuity.


The skilled homecare workers at Life Well Family Care understand the value of daily living. Our professionals assist with meal preparation on a regular basis, medicine reminders, errands and shopping, as well as laundry, light cleaning, and home management.

If you are looking for senior home care near you, please contact us anytime at 336-763-6998. We offer home care for seniors in the Greensboro area