Elder Live-In Care Services by Living Well Home Care Agency

3 Sep 2021

A house may not be grand or modern, but it will always be an exceptional place for someone who called it home. Seniors are also like these and not different from people who prefer to stay in their abodes. It is even if there are other facilities to cater to them. If you or your senior favors receiving support at your residence, it is good to know that there are elder live-in care services by Living Well Home Care Agency in the North Carolina Triad area.

Seniors are among the individuals with vulnerable health even without serious illness. Their declining force can affect their independence to carry out usual tasks. However, it does not mean they need to stop or lessen their daily activities. Most of these are essential and beneficial for their well-being. What they need is support, especially for their mobility and medication. The elder live-in care services by Living Well are helpful for this and more much-needed support.

Who do you need for support?

Living Well employs certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and in-house aides (IHAs). Each one underwent rigorous assessment and was required to have certification in first aid and CPR. They also took an in-service training program that further expanded their knowledge. And most of them also got specialized training to provide care for seniors suffering from illnesses such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

What services do you require?

On top of securing skilled caregivers, we cover the necessary elder live-in care services. It includes assistance for the following factors: 

Health and Fitness

As most seniors should maintain a healthy lifestyle, our caregivers can take charge with vital monitoring, medication reminders, and setting appointments with doctors. These are apart from assistance in meal preparation and feeding.

Our caregivers are likewise keen to assist with mobility-related activities. It can be about performing prescribed physical or mental exercise. It can also be from bed or tub transfers, turning or positioning, and safe ambulation.

Hygiene and safety

Because of health issues that come with aging, elders may find it hard to do activities like bathing, dressing, and toileting. Neglecting these routines, naturally, have effects like feeling unwell and not being in the mood to socialize. With a lack of good hygiene, they will be more prone to get sick too.

Moreover, a dirty house also invites microbes, which trigger safety risks. Molds, for one thing, can deteriorate things and cause allergies everywhere. To help make a home safe and clean, our in-house aides can do light-housekeeping or home management, as well as doing the laundry.

In general, the elder live-in care services by Living Well Home Care Agency can be fixed or flexible. We are ready to provide the help that depends on the requirements of the care recipients or their family carers.

Count on us at Living Well Home Care for trusted in-home care services in the Triad.

We have 24-hour caregiving, as well respite care for scheduled and immediate demands. Moreover, our caregivers can do incidental transportation, errands, and telephone reassurance. While these are focused on providing convenience for the senior, they are also helpful for family carers.